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  1. I'd suggest looking at some off resort and day of wedding venues. That way you can have your wedding the way you want it to be with less restrictions than what the typical hotel offers which can really add up. If you choose to go the hotel route, ensure that you have everything in writing and guaranteed before you get there. My friend recently got married at a well known JA hotel and had a tough time because the original staff she was dealing with changed and then they charged her for everything she was promised to get for free.
  2. Never heard of them but what are they charging for photography?? Have you checked out their portfolio? If you like it, I say go ahead and use them. Sometimes it's all about your personal preference, the price and the vibe you have with the photographer. I used Courtney Chen Photography and LOVE all of my photos. He gave me a really amazing price for the entire day.
  3. I have decided to sell my beautiful wedding dress. It was originally purchased at David's Bridal for $1,000 plus an additional $300 in alterations and $100 to dry clean it afterwards. I felt absolutely beautiful in this dress and would love to give another bride the opportunity to feel the same way...and at a fraction of the price. I'm asking $500 for the dress. Wedding Dress Details: Beaded lace on the shirred tulle bodice accentuates a flattering shape while the sweep train adds just the right amount of glamour. Ivory Size 2 I'm 5'4" and wore the dress with 2" heels I think...then I wore flats for the rest of the night Also for sale are my pink flowy Bridesmaid dresses which looked great on the girls. Can be worn strapless or with the straps on. Originally purchased for $130, asking $75 ea or best offer. I definitely have 3 available for sale but can possibly get 4 if needed. I doubt the girls will wear again so I'm sure I can twist their arms. Available in sizes XS, small & medium. Possibly another medium/Large to come. Local Toronto area pickup or you can pay the shipping to get it where you need it. Thanks for checking out my listing and congrats to all you upcoming brides!! :-)
  4. Rochelle Chin for hair. www.hairbychellz.com Face Forward for makeup. She does airbursh and standard applications. I chose the airbrush and it was fantastic. Very reasonably priced to. Look her up on Facebook. I've had friends who have used Paul March and Loni Jones and I wouldn't change my decision for the world.
  5. Oh and I highly reccomend brides get airbrush makeup. My photographer made the suggestion to me as he said it lasts all day which you need if the makeup artist isn't going to stick around all day. The airbrush feels light and nice. For the bride they start at your chest and go up so it hides any tan lines or marks on your skin. And in the JA heat, with all the sweating that you'll be doing, it was amazing to pass by a mirror and see that my face was still intact...shocking actually. LOL. I'm not a big makeup wearer but would wear airbrush every day if i could.
  6. I used Sharon Wint from Face Forward Cosmetics. She was AWESOME! I had airbrushing done for me and my BM's had standard makeup. The makeup last all day. I didn't do a trial. I sent her some photos of the type of look I wanted...all the pics were of Beyonce hahah. But She did a fabulous job! I highly reccomend her. Oh and another plus...she arrived about 25 mins early to set up her station. Very professional!
  7. Hey there...sorry for the delay. I've been so busy here I haven't had a chance to go online and check this site. Ummm $6000 for 3 minutes?? I want to ask if that is USD because that seems like an obscene amount of money. But if it's $6000 Jamaican that seems extremely low. Wow! I'm going to look into it for you. Which company gave you that quote?? On a sidenote, I'm a certified wedding planner (via Wedding Planning Institute of Canada). I'm currently living in JA and working on starting my own wedding coordination business where I'll be offering full planning, consultations and day of coordination. My business registration, website etc is currently in the works and I'll post it once completed but if anyone is interested in hiring a Canadian planner specializing in JA destinations, please feel free to msg me. I've been an event planner for the last 10 years at a Toronto not for profit organization and now I'm taking the leap to do what's more in line with my personal interests...making other brides wedding dreams come true. YeahhhH!!!!
  8. Thank you!! They were so easy to make. I got the darker pink flowers and the stones from Dollarama. And the lighter pink flowers and the floating candles (which may or may not be in the pic, can't remember) from Ikea.
  9. I could go on and on about all the UPcharges I received for this wedding. LOL! From alcohol to decor to food to per person charges for every little thing. Calling and asking co's for quotes was nothing but a headache. OH and of course there was also the travel costs....hello???? Travel Costs?? When I go to work I don't bill them for my mileage so that seemed like the dumbest thing I ever heard...but diff strokes for diff folks I guess. The biggest shocker for me was the cost of 13 centrepieces from the florist. HA! They wanted to charge me $57 per centrepeiece. Luckily I'm creative. I ended up making them for about $10 ea. I've posted a pic below. They looked much better once I put in the floating candles on top of the water, and set them on a round mirror base with candles.
  10. My photogapher left after our last "big moment" which was our cake cutting, because we had done our first dance right after our entrance and before dinner. ANd the father/daughter dance etc was done right before we cut the cake. The videographer stayed right up until the end of the night and filmed our reception and after party.
  11. I broke down and put a texturizer in my hair. My stylist told me not to but I was worried. I should have listened to her because the job she did on my hair was AMAZING!! It lasted all day and the next day it looked gorgeous and wavy when i took it out. I had an off center low bun with beautiful pin curls. LOVED IT!!
  12. Hi All, I had my wedding last week and just wanted to say that I was sooo nervous about my wedding day makeup and went back and forth between pretty much EVERY reccommended artist that you'd find in JA. I decided on Sharon Wint of Face Forward Cosmetics and she was AMAZING!! Such a professional and truly lovely to work with. I will post a photo soon but seriously I can't say enough amazing things about her. AND as a bonus she showed up 30 mins early to setup her chair and supplies. Lol...seems like a silly thing to comment on but if you've been to JA then you KNOW what a big thing that is. She has a facebook page where you ca see her work. But give me some time and I'll add a picture of her work on me. LOVE HER WORK!!
  13. When is your wedding? And in which part of JA? I just had mine last week in JA. It was awesome. I am still here and can ask around if you are still having a tough time finding the info. I'm sure I can find the info pretty easily for you.
  14. Hi Ladies, It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted any messages but I just wanted to touch base and say that the deed is done!! We were married last saturday and it was AWESOME! i can't wait to post all of the details and the photos with you. For those of you with your wedding coming up let me say this... don't sweat the small stuff. I redid my seating chart 1000 times and i had cancellations the day of and additions up to the hour before. (Seriously, who does that??) But in the end, ppl will sit where they want to sit anywyas and they will make friends if they don't know someone and they will be up and about anyways. I was planning and setting up things the way I wanted them right up until an hour and half before my ceremony. Whoever said that things will go differently but not wrong on your wedding day was 100% correct. Nobody knows anything different and if they do, who cares. Enjoy your day and remember to live in the moment because once it's all done you can't do it again. We got our photos back and my hubby took one look at them and said he wishes we could do the day again because he had such a blast. Looking forwad to getting the video now. It has been wonderful planning with each of you and I think you guys saved me many times through my frustrations, your reminders, and your ideas. I'm still in Jamaica and loving every minute of it. For anyone having a Jamaica wedding, please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. Your day will be blessed as each of you are :-)
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