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  1. here's a few from our rehearsal: http://www.brandonmoffitt.com/2013/08/31/gene-amandas-rehearsal-dinner/ you can see the beach deck, plus we did strings of lights for the setup (from zuniga). otherwise we just did a few tea lights and maracas (bought downtown for about $50 for everything).
  2. Hey ladies! Just got pics from my friend from our rehearsal dinner on the beach deck.. thought you might want to check it out! We went minimal on decor, main purchase was renting strings of light from Zuniga. http://www.brandonmoffitt.com/2013/08/31/gene-amandas-rehearsal-dinner/?fb_comment_id=fbc_450827038364048_2248535_451053451674740#f39ed9bae5f47
  3. I also used an outside florist and paid no fee! Esp if you just drop at the lobby, they will definitely not charge you (and mine did some set up but I pointed out that they shouldn't charge ME for having my florist help THEM with setup). Loved my flowers, and they were under 2k for everything (alter setup, centerpieces, chair flowers, bouquest/bouts/corsages, etc.). I think I paid less than half what the resort was charging!
  4. Hey Lynz--just sent this as a PM but wanted to include it for everyone else... The resort credits were sort of a pain. The golf is down at moon palace, so no one from our group of 70 wound up going to use it (it's around 45 minutes each way, plus catching the shuttle, etc.). They also have a couple of excursions that are available to use with the resort credits. It sort of depends how long you're there whether you'll use them. Most of the excursions are only 1-2 days/week and I don't think anything is really available on the weekend aside from the dolphins on Saturday. Since our guests came mostly Thursday-Monday, not many people were able to use the credits outside of the spa. For the spa, you're only allowed to use 20% of your overall credits at the spa (for 1500 it's 300). The spa services wind up being fairly expensive though I think to compensate for the credits (around $139 is the starting price for massages). I definitely used all the credits I could (and went over a couple of hundred) at the spa for hair, hair trial, and then part of a massage. The spa is new and absolutely gorgeous! One other thing for the spa-- tipping. It's very confusing because there's no place to tip, however when you get your bill at checkout you'll notice there's a service charge (in addition to tax) that is fairly high for the spa. I believe this is the tip, so no need to worry about it. It would have been nice to know though because we did wind up tipping a few people double (of course, they're all awesome and deserve it). Of our 1500 credits I think we just used the 300 for the spa. We tried to do the romantic dinner on the beach, but it looked like it was going to storm so we wound up bailing. It might be possible to use credits to have a photographer take pictures of the rehearsal dinner or another event outside of the wedding. We had some friends who took those pics for us so we didn't ask, but it might be worth checking into.
  5. I think we are good on the videos I'm using Sascha Gluck for photos... I really loved Ivan luckie too. Both are affordable and only require a day pass! I'm using cinematic riviera maya for video! Not much more than the resort video and I'm sure way better. Send me your email and I can send the info for Zuniga! Less than 2 weeks to go, can't believe the wedding is so soon!
  6. eek yeah super steep!!! that's just why I went with the in-house one, plus he lets you pick the songs for just about everything so how bad could it be (famous last words).... anyone can PM me i'd be happy to share more details
  7. Oh one other thing! We are reserving a table for bridal party and family of bride and groom but the rest is self seating to save us the hassle and I hear it gets messed up anyway
  8. I didn't get charged for the florist, but she is mostly dropping flowers off and is going to assist w the arch setup in case there is confusion on how to do it. I ordered a ton of flowers-- the arch, the bridal party, bouts and corsages for the family, and center pieces for all our tables (75 guests), we even got flowers to tie to chairs for the aisles all total it cost I believe $1700. Not bad since it saved me from using a cowie package, but I still get more decor than the standard complimentary! I just used the standard dj though- ill let you all know how he is! I did book outside photog and video... Seemed important to me at least As for inlookers I have tasked a few friends w clearing the area/ asking for about 10 min of privacy!! Just the immediate vacinity ESP behind the alter/ between alter and beach for pics. So tacky that we even have to consider it people are rude to hover but oh well!!!! I did programs and menus super cheap too from zazzle and wedding paper divas! For menus just 1/table + an easel to prop it up. I'm getting votives too myself to scatter around Seriously cannot wait its coming up finally
  9. Yes of course! For the DJ we did a 3 hour package and added a few extra ambient lights (we're using the ballroom), which didn't wind up being too expensive. We didn't hire an MC because the DJ will do basic introductions for the bridal party/announcing the first dance/father daughter dance/cake cutting and we don't need anything more complicated than that. We also splurged and paid for a sound system for 3 hours for the rehearsal dinner so we could have background music, mics for the speeches, and a plasma screen to do our baby picture slide show. For both nights plus our extras I believe everything came to around $1800. Since we wound up switching to the complimentary package after speaking with Dulce (and we're using an outside florist so decorations for the ceremony still came to less than the cheapest Palace Resort package) we had a little room in our budget to throw toward the DJ
  10. I heard from Dulce, the coordinator, about 2 months prior to the wedding. She gives a ton of info at that point, one of which being the contact info for the spa/salon so you can make sure to get your hair/makeup appointments booked well in advance! Everything is done at the spa/salon on the resort now so no traveling, and from what pictures I've seen online (and the website) it looks really really pretty!! Any other brides in the next couple months? I'm getting married Sept 1, 2013 and have a group of around 75 people. We've finalized flowers, DJ, resort equipment, etc. and would love advice/would be happy to answer any questions people may have! Our PP board has been so quiet lately!!!
  11. We are using an outside florist- Flores riviera maya! They're so so much more affordable, bridesmaid bouquets start at $35!
  12. Hey there! I'm not Canadian but we've done all our booking through a Travel Agent and have been guaranteed the complimentary add ons. Just make sure you confirm it with the TA in the beginning, you will likely go through group contract info, etc. Good luck!
  13. When did people start to hear from their coordinator/should I reach out? My wedding isn't until Sept 1 and the group events start Aug 30. I'm just a little nervous w/our big group that we'll have the right space for everything!
  14. Oh yeah, agreed! My family thought that they were subsidizing all the costs for the wedding too, which is frustrating. Oh well, I think it'll wind up being beautiful and cannot wait! I do know people do it for less, but w/ a big group it's hard to cut things like DJ and I'd never cut nice photography so it adds up quick!
  15. Ours is at playacar palace and is going to run about $20k too! We're having 70 guests and the (very rough/rounded) breakdown is: Dress: $2k Photog: $2k Engagement Pics in our hometown (splurge): $500 Videogapher: $1k Our trip (10 nights, 2 hotels-Playacar Palace and Live Aqua in Cancun): $5k (this might wind up being less depending on how our package's comp nights work) Invites/thank you's/stamps: $1k Rings: $1500 DJ: $1500 Favors: $700 (we're doing sunglasses and tote bags for everyone) Flowers: $1k (bridal party/bride/groom/family corsages & bouts/etc. + reception table centerpieces which will be flowers and candles) Wedding Package: $1500 (nautical) Extras for seating over 30 ppl: $250 Groom Suit: $150 (guys have it so easy!) Hair/Makeup/spa time: $500 Some of these things I rounded up on, so we're still under $19k. I figure I'll leave another 1-2 thousand as a buffer for some random expenses I'm not thinking of (like tips, setup and extra décor if we decide to splurge beyond centerpieces). It's a lot but for 70 guests + a 10 day luxury vacation/honeymoon included, I think it's a great way to go It's definitely not "free" though, like I think some of guests get the idea it is for us...
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