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  1. Ahhhh! I leave tomorrow morning for Jamaica. My wedding is next Friday! I hope I did everything I was supposed to. All I have left to do is pack... which I've been trying to do for a week. I have so much to bring. Hoefully I've pawned off enough items to others that everything will now fit. I hope everything works out. Wish me luck!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by staceydale Happy Wedding Month Ladies!! You too! We leave 1 week from tomorrow. It still doesn't feel real.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Dena We all need to set up a time and place to meet when we are at the resort. Anyone have any suggestions? Yea we do! I would suggest maybe Monday or Tuesday night? So Nov 11th or 12th for a drink or something? The 10th I've trying to put together a "welcome dinner", and it's my brother's 19th birthday. And the 13th we're doing a catamaran excursion... and then it's our weddings, so.... Thos are the dates I suggest. "Where" is another story... Lol. At a bar.... somewhere? I've never been to the resort. Haha.
  4. 3 weeks tomorrow, I'll be on a plane. I can't believe we get married on the same DAY! That's crazy!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by soontobeawalsh BARB2014 thank you so much for sharing the pictures of all the reception venues! do you know if we can request rectangle or round tables?? I see both in the Dolce Vita pics. I believe we have the choice between round or rectangle tables. They seat 8-10 people each. I think I like the round best.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by bands Amazing! I aske dmy Maid of Honor to get these for me. I think she got the "Jamaica Guide" book, but I haven't seen them yet. She might bring them over today. I'm excited!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Novr2013Bride Hi Ladies Wondering what you girls are all doing for wedding favors? I can't seem to be able to decide what to do.. Also any good idea's for bridal party gifts? I'm completely at a loss right now as what to get.. Thanks I bought starfish bottle openers (beer, not wine.) and bottle stoppers (wine) with starfish on top. It's the year of the starfish... and the colour turquoise for me. Haha. Also, I bought my ladies swarovski starfish earrings. They are simple, stud-like earrings... not too gawdy. So they can wear them again. And decently
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Novr2013Bride Hi MelB What time are you getting Married on the 15th? I will also be getting married that day. We are currently booked at 2pm. Have you had much luck with corresponding with the wedding coordinators? I found out the other day the resort does not offer steaming for wedding dresses Hey Hey! I'm scheduled for a 4pm ceremony, dinner at the Dolce Vita and the gazebo with DJ in the evening. So exciting! Maybe we'll see you there. I have had some difficulty back and forth with the WC's. I plan on calling mid-October to try and figure some th
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Jenn963 I have : tumblers (which i'm scared of them cracking if they throw my luggage around like crazy), embroidered face towels, first aid kits, "just married" flip flop key chains, aloe vera, hand lotion, lip balm, nail file, nail clippers, small (2"x3") frames, and i believe theres more i just cannot remember right now. lol I have tumblers, which will likely go in my brother's suitcase. I bought too many, so I'll just bring a couple extras. I have survival kits (Aloe Vera, Advil, First aid kits, lip balm, tums, sanitizer, aveeno moisturizer, gum -
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by kts883 We're January 9th....and will be there from the 5th til the 12th :-) Can't believe we leave in less than 100 days!We're January 9th, and will be there the 5th til the 12th....so we'll just miss each other! Hope you have a beautiful wedding! Let me tell you, these 100 days will fly by! I get married Nov 15th, and leave in less than 40 days. I think 38? It's madness. I feel like there's 100 things to do!?!?! Ahh!
  11. Just figured out mine! Leaving in 40 days. Something old: My mom is going to pin to the under of my dress - it's a secret - but I think it's one of my grampy's old military pins. Something new: My dress Something borrowed: My Mom got married 5 years ago. I'm borrowing her headband/tiara bling. Something Blue: My wicked awesome satin peep-toe shoes. With starfish bling.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Dena I am having my hair done by Raschel Edwards (I have her booked for all the wedding party). My "cousin" is doing our pictures, or that's what the resort will think lol. I felt better bringing someone with us and found it a lot cheaper. What are you doing. I definitely think we all need to meet for a drink! I'm also having my hair done by Rashel Edwards - I booked her for the wedding party (2 bridesmaids) My mom, Nanny, and Aunt. I booked Christopher Lee through the resort. I didn't want to deal with "vendor fee" issues for photography
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by staceydale I've rented out the Dolce Vita for a private reception - has anyone else done that? If so, does anyone have any pictures? The unknown scares me I've done it without seeing pictures.... and haven't gotten married yet. Should be nice... it's by the water.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by strwbsprkl hey guys I really would like some input in this. So in august I went to a destination wedding in the dominican republic. The bride never asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. during rehearsal my boyfriends brother (the groom) said they needed me to be in the wedding because they were a person short. the bride never once addressed the issue. she didn't even thank me. I understand she was stressed during the wedding, it's been a few over a month and still nothing not even a thank you card and we spent over 3,000 going over there. my dilemma is th
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by STemple Anyone else using/used Rashel Edwards? I'm only using her for makeup as my bridesmaid is a stylist. The resort wants to charge me a $250 vendor fee. My problem with this is I don't believe the spa provides air brushing so why am paying a vendor fee for a service they themselves don't offer. Also I have a wedding party of 5 girls,and my mother being looked after by Rashel and her stylist (this I know could be argued why I should be charged the vendor fee) BUT I have 4 or 5 guests who want hair and makeup done and are making reservations with the sp
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