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  1. txbrideinmexico: I emailed the priest like 2 weeks ago and he got back to me pretty quickly answering all my questions and he is very nice! I think you won't have a problem with that! What part of texas are you from? I live in Houston...
  2. Congratulations to you all!! Im getting married on April 26th at ME Cancun!! Can't wait!
  3. Does anyone have pictures of the chapel decorated? Im not sure how I want the flowers...
  4. Emily11386: Thank you for letting me know.. I did talk to the hotel and they said the bride is ok with the veil but for the rest to recommend to bring a chal or something to cover but that if they don't have they won't make a big deal to not let them in. I just want to hear about more brides to know how all this works... I know my guests wouldn't want to bring something in such a hot day. :/
  5. Hi everyone! Im getting marry on April 26th and Im about to put the deposit down for the chapel at GCR. Im having my reception at another resort, we are only using the chapel but I just read the comment about the rules to be covered. What happen with that? Does anyone has any updates? They didn't tell me anything about it and Im not sure if I should ask or just pretend I didn't know... please help!!
  6. Hi Diana, I am from Mty, NL too! Im getting married at the MP on April so I'm happy to help with whatever you need !!
  7. Hi Diana, I am from Mty, NL too! Im getting married at the MP on April so I'm happy to help with whatever you need !! Send me a private message if you want to talk more!
  8. Congrats!!! Thanks for the detail review!! You look great and very happy!! I have one question, who was your videographer?? And where did you leave your bags when your jewerly was stolen??
  9. Hi ! I know this was a while back but what company did you end up hiring the photobooth?? It will help me a lot! Thanks!!
  10. I also heard bad comments and saw bad reviews about them, that they didn't do what promised or didn't deliver as they should... just FYI... hope its not too late! I saw their website and loveeed them but then was nervous after hearing all this!
  11. Hi Queenbennett, my wedding is a weekend after yours but I already hired my videographer. My WP recomended it and I saw his website and loved it. Google Carlos Gallard Films Also mediamorfosis is good but more expensive! It was out of my budget! Good luck!!
  12. Hi !! Im also torn about who will make my hair and makeup! Im between Fernando, Adrian or Katia Monforte. Can anyone help us decide please??? Someone that have use them? Im worried too about which makeup will last long, airbrush or traditional, someone could advice on this too? Morgan check on facebook Styiling trio rivera maya so you can see pictures! Thanks!!
  13. Hi J-me! I was just wondering how did it go with Fernando? Im looking into hiring him but I just want to see how did it go with you and if the makeup didn't wear off during the wedding. I know you did a lot of research so it will help me a lot! Thanks!
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