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  1. Woohoo!! So happy for you I can't believe your wedding is already next week!
  2. All of you have such wonderful suggestions We had monogrammed garment bags made for all the guys so they could easily carry-on their suit on board the flight!
  3. Thanks! She had gotten me a great price, but by the time we got back to making a contract, that cake lady took a new job and will be working for a hotel now? Maybe she is taking her existing orders, but not new ones. Maria has located another person in Playa for me, however, I don't have the prices yet. She is working on getting them now. I got prices from a lady in Cancun, but her rates per slice are a bit outrageous and her transportation fee is ridiculous too...
  4. Can any of you recommend cake people in Playa del Carmen? What was your absolute favorite flavor?
  5. Who are you ladies using for a cake in Playa del Carmen for Grand Coral? I have yet to finalize the bride and groom's cake and I am hoping to tackle that next.. Any ideas?
  6. I would love to have your template for the itinerary you made! I am thinking about making something similar to hang on the doors of each guest to welcome them and keep them in the loop
  7. I was planning on having our wedding at the Grand Coral Beach Club this coming May, however, miscommunication occured and I lost my venue for my wedding day Long story short, we ended up booking Grand Coral Golf Club for our same wedding date instead and I cannot find any previous weddings there. The venue looks gorgeous, however, it would be comforting to see wedding receptions held there. Have any of you seen it? Thanks!
  8. Awesome You are way ahead of the game!!
  9. Thank you very much for your input! I was also thinking Excellence Playa Mujeres as a honeymoon after all our guests leave and before we head back home. Has anyone stayed there?
  10. I know this posting is old, but is Sauce vacations still in business? I'd love to use them for transportation for 40 guests from our villa to our ceremony location and back
  11. Lizrmt - Wow, you sure did score some great bargains I hope I get lucky like that!
  12. I would also like more info on the catamaran tour Please send me info as well. We were planning on doing the same.
  13. I love those Nine West green shoes!!! I know this is an old thread, but so crazy that theres a forum for shoes this color!!! That's exactly what I wanted Any luck ladies?
  14. I mailed out STD's a year in advance that was also an informational booklet. I than plan on calling my family for RSVP's since they are NOT good at returning RSVP cards. Once I know who all is going, only those selected individuals will receive formal invitations like 4 months before the wedding. I sent out 100 STD's and I can imagine about 40 will attend. I just don't want to spend more money on invitations to those already telling me that they can't go.
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