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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. We leave next week, but none of my friends seem to even care about the resort Credit.
  2. Ladies I'm 10 days away and starting to freak out. I booked the sky terrace in the beginning only to be told YESTERDAY that they accidentally double booked it so they moved me to the beach. No big deal but now my dress its going to be too long and apparently they have known this for a month and never told me! their solution is to move my date to Friday. I'm so frustrated right now.
  3. I booked the complimentary and havent paid anything other than for my room . My eeddong is on a saturday evening. So im not surr where this charge came from. Maybe its new?
  4. I would move the wedding time to and complain until they offer you something free. That's ridiculous!
  5. How were you guys allowed to bookthe sky deck before 90 days out? Every time i asked i was told they wont even consider it until 90 days befits the wedding.
  6. Hi Guys! I haven't been on here in a LOOONNNNNGGGG time. So just to re-introduce myself, Im getting married (symbolic) on June 22nd at 6pm. Hopefully on the sky terrace. I like many of you am really frustrated that it is so hard to get in contact with anyone and have been through 2 or 3 people already. Reading the posts i learned that Clarissa is gone...so i hope everything is okay with my plans. Apparently i wont hear anything until March. I have YET to buy a wedding dress lol. I booked the complimentary package and will be having a cocktail hour, and just dinner after. I'm trying to decide if we should use the cocktail hour as a welcome party or just keep it as is and use it as a reception. any pointers?
  7. Hi! I booked the complimentary as well...the only thing they needed to solidify the date was my reservation number.
  8. Hi all of you DIYers. I have a quick question about the passport invites..Im not a big DIYer but I decided to try this out for my wedding. I am wondering what information to include in my passports. How many pages to use..etc. Any help is completely appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. aahhhh No more Janessa??? You'd thins an k they would shot us an email letting us know something...what do we do now? has anyone talked to anyone new yet?
  10. She quoted me $60 as well...so i opted to bring a fake flower and lay it in front of a framed picture of my mom and to do the same for his dad. I'm not payig $60 for two flowers.
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