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  1. What do people think.. They look more bubble gum pink in these picture but they do have a more coral colour to them. They are the right height, the right style and right colour I was hoping to find but they have that shiny pleather finish.. Not too crazy about the shiny finish for my wedding shoe.. Love to hear others opinions.
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    New Oceans Varadero El Patriarca

    Hi Charlene222, I have some information regarding the price of the hotel photography. They said packages range 50cuc to 200cuc and wedding video is 150cuc without editing and 200cuc with editing. I am still hoping to get some idea of quality. I've also been looking at the Cuban wedding photographer and videographer, the price is good, plus you get a next day session off the resort at the plantation house with an old car. However, then you have to pay the entrance fee and that will depend on the time of your wedding. You can get a day pass for about 65cuc but they have to leave by 6pm. If your ceremony is later (mine is at 5pm) i would have to pay for a nights stay. So I guess it all depends what you want. As much as I would love to use the Cuban wedding photography and videography I'll probably take the chance on the resorts photographer. Hope this helps and congratulations.
  3. Love those pink shoes... where did you see them? and do they come in other colours
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    Memories Resorts Weddings

    Do tell?? I've actually booked with another resort but please share.