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  1. We had our reception in calabash (in AC) and it was still hot in there! it was much hotter outside and it rained that afternoon. maybe because I was in a wedding dress but I couldn't image dancing at an outside restaurant/location.
  2. I had the same size group and I was told no for the hibachi.. They do not give the suites that many reservations. We had a group of 12 in there and I"m not even sure 70 would fit unless they cooked at all different times? We did our welcome dinner at the Mediterranean and it was great! We also did a group dinner for 35 at the steakhouse
  3. i have our birth certificates and passports all ready to send to the resort for our marriage certificate.. does anyone know the address?? i tried searching the forum but didn't come across anything?
  4. Yeah I am wondering the same thing about hair - using the salon vs. Rashel's girl... I like that Rashel's girl can do it in our room, would we have to go to the spa?
  5. I was told no fee for Rashel at the Suites but if you book her hairstylist you do pay for the stylist.
  6. are you bringing the lanterns in your checked luggage on the plane? the more i read from the airlines, it says no chinese lanterns. i don't want them to get taken....
  7. thanks, those are the numbers i had too... i just saw someone mention 100 and got worried.. we are at 70 guests but i don't think we will hit 100
  8. Thanks! Do you know if you have to pay a vendor fee for him?
  9. How did you get set-up with Kevan? Did you get that info from Nicole or are you bringing him in separately?
  10. Thank you! I just emailed the hotel about this. Originally we told Nicole we wanted Aunt Ruby's because we thought we'd be over 100 people but now it's looking more like 80?
  11. Noticed someone mention a private dinner for 50 guests.... I'm looking at the paperwork that I have and it says that for a private reception you can use Mare Nostrum for 40-50 people, Calabash for 70-100 people and Aunt Ruby's for 100-200 people. I don't see a problem in us having 70 guests for Calabash (we are at 60 right now) but if you are between 50-70 what do you do? Also, I think I know the answer but I've been a lot of disco talk recently... if you rent the restaurant for your reception you are able to have the DJ and a dance floor in the restaurant, right?
  12. We are doing one through Island Routes - the boat fits 100 and the cost is $2,900 plus transportation costs per person.. I am not sure how it breaks down per person, we have about 60 people booked so far and are expecting under 90? We are treating our guests so it was important to have the entire catamaran to ourselves.
  13. I'm curious about this too. I also remember reading somewhere that someone had tons of beers brought out to their bonfire by the hotel and the beer was kept on ice. Even if we could have that, and if people wanted liquor they could go to a bar to get it......
  14. we sent ours out in early October (I think...). I know it was about 8 months before the wedding? We wanted to make sure we got all the invites out way before Christmas so people could place deposits without having to worry about the holidays/spending money. Quote: Originally Posted by LaurenandChris LOVE your invites! I'm working on mine right now. When are you sending yours out?
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