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  1. Thank you!! I liked the package, it was very simple and elegant. I worked directly with Katie @ Zuniga on the flowers. I paid $520 for my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, 2 moms corsages and 5 boutineeres. Plus a $50 set up fee. They flowers were beautiful and fresh - no regrets there. I had originally a quote for drapery also and for some table arrangements but then I decided to save that money and go the simple route. In the end i'm very happy with my decision and saved the money.
  2. Thank you everyone!!!!!! I did go with the new Collin Cowie complimentary package. I was a bit hesitant at first, but now I'm glad I didnt go overboard. It was simple and elegant. I really liked it and so did my guests. I got the flowers from Zuniga and traded the complmentary bouquet from the complimentary package for the rose petals.
  3. I'm back! I can't even describe in words how amazing it was! The best day and a real dream come true. I'm still feeling like it was all a fairy tale. We had perfect weather, everything turned out great and we all had a blast! Just wanted to share a few shots with all you brides! Oh and Congrats to all the newly married ladies!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!
  4. Well, I've heard nothing but good things about Kalena so I'm sure your day will be gorgeous! This is probably a silly question, but have you tried to email her? I'm so ready for vacation too!!! Woohoo!!
  5. Hi FutureRN2011, Who is your coordinator? I will be there on Tuesday, our wedding is the day before yours. Gosh I hope it all goes smoothly! I have Zaray, and I just heard from her yesterday on a couple of things. I think we are pretty much ready! Good luck and let me know if I can answer anything for you!
  6. We land around 11:30 on the 24th. I cannot wait!!! Two weeks and counting. I wish you an amazing and beautiful day - we all know it will be. Congrats and hope to maybe bump into you before you leave.
  7. Hi FutureRN2011! So sorry you're going through all that. It's so frustrating! I thought a destination wedding was supposed to be stress free - YA RIGHT HUH? Try to stay positive though. From what we hear everything works out in the end and turns out beautiful, so I'm sure it will for you and me as well. Are you getting married on the beach, what time Saturday? I'm not sure what our plans are yet, but if I'm around the resort I will go try to take a peak. Ours is at 2:00pm on Friday on the Beach at Nizuc Side I believe. I can't wait!!!!!!!! Hope to see you there and good luck with the rest of the planning. If you have questions I can help you with, I'll be happy to!
  8. Hi CafeDelMar21, I have 3 hours for the wedding and 2 hours for the TTD session. I'm psyched!
  9. Hi Ladies, I know how you feel. I had the same issue with Joannis, so I went to the manager and demanded to be assigned to an onsite. Same day I got email from the onsite coordinator, Zaray. Try to reach out to manager and maybe you will have some luck also? Here's her info: Gretel Del Junco Wedding Manager gdeljunco@allinclusivecollection.com 800.635.1836 EXT 6520 Good luck!
  10. Coco, I'm kinda new gal here but I wanted to reiterate what everyone else has already said. You are amazing! Your wedding is definitely going to rock, but don't shut it down.. I'll be there a few days after your Big Day! I wanted to ask you, when do you leave? We arrive on the 24th and our Big Day is the 27th. Exciting!!!!!! Congrats and Wishing you the Best!!
  11. Very amazing price!! I need to thank you again. I was about to settle on using the Resort Photographer. Not that they are bad or anything, but it just wasn't the type of photos I've dreamed of having. Plus I REALLY wanted the TTD session at Cenote. I'm beyond excited! Thanks for the pointers. I'd probably forget too! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jamike5280, I have Zaray! I've been working with her for not even two weeks now and so far she has been great. She may not respond the same day, but she does answer all of my questions and has been helpful. I'm not sure if she is new or anything. I bitched to the " manager" about the service from Miami and demanded to work directly with my onsite coordinator. Same day, I got an email from Zaray!
  13. Thank you!! He did match the price he gave you, $1300 right? So I feel pretty good about it. I'm super excited about doing the TTD at Cenote and beach. I don't have anything in writing about the outside vendor being ok, nor have I mentioned it to my coordinator. I'm nervous about this. If they don't allow him to get into resort that day - I will DIE! My fiance insists that it will all be fine. Yikes!
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