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  1. Awesome Job! Love the watches, wish I would have thought about them. The whole week I never knew what time it was, but then again who cares! your at the beach, thats all that matters right!
  2. I just made these for my guests as well! I have not received them yet, but I am very excited to give it to them! I ended up getting the minis, they went on sale for .75 again. SO I just had to get them. The shipping is what killed me though. It was $58!!!! So it is best to wait for a deal if you live in Canada for sure
  3. We had 3 guests that did not stay at the resort. His sister ended up paying for 2 of them. And my husband paid for his dad to come on for the day........ I still don't think it was right, because everyone else paid for themselves for the whole week!
  4. So since it takes forever to download 1 picture........lol you guys can check out my photographers page on facebook: NB Photography & Design (Abena Nsenga) She was so awesome! Pictures are very tireing let me tell you. It's hard to keep smiling for so many pictures (over 300) If you are thinking about Antigua.. do it! It was so amazing. Beverly the wedding coordinator and Lydia the reception lady are both absolutly amazing, and pulled everything off better then I imagined. Everything went so smoothly! But way too fast, and I hardly remember it all. Good thing I have tons of pictures and video to look back on. But yes please do check out my pictures on Facebook Good Luck Ladies!
  5. Hey Everyone I'm back! My wedding was all I could have hoped for and more! It was just perfect in everyway I will post some pix, whenever I get them all downloaded. It is taking forever no joke!
  6. I believe they should pay for themself as well. All the other guests are paying to stay there. We told the people that are not staying on the resort the cost for the day pass from the start as well. It is $97 10am-midnight
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