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  1. I like bing.com/travel There is a price predictor that is really helpful. It will let you know if you should buy to wait for prices to drop.
  2. I wanted to give my guest the option of staying at the resort longer (since they are already paying the airfare). So some guest are staying a few days after the wedding. We still wanted the privacy is a honeymoon so we opted to go to an adult only resort for the Honeymoon!
  3. Thanks for the review. I have a "leave it to the professionals" mentality and I will take your advice and ask tons of questions.
  4. We are getting married Honeymooning at a different resort. The day after the wedding we will take the shuttle to the other side of the island for a private honeymoon. We figured we might as well take advantage of being on the island.
  5. What Color tablecloth? I think that could make a difference.
  6. JWed... Your wedding was beautiful and I am starting to get really excited about ours in November. Did you have to pay an extra vendor fee to bring the DJ in to Riu?
  7. Wonderful! Everything turned out beautiful! We are getting married at riu in November! Thanks for the review.
  8. I love the flowers!!! Can't believe that it is made from Clay! You are so ahead of the game. Your wedding will be beautiful.
  9. I love the wedding programs especially the wording about the photographer.
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