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  1. Ya i am torn, I am ok spending it with the family for the rest of the week, but also want to do something fun for a honeymoon without having to do too much traveling, but i don't think that will be the case!
  2. I have also found destinationweddings.com is helpful. We have been using someone from there and they help set up website and help contact gets for me to remind them. And being that it is early enough you can have your guest set up payment plans so that they don't have to pay all at once.
  3. Hello Fellow Brides, I am in the midst of planning my destination wedding in Jamaica and was thinking about Honeymoon. Wondering if we should do one, or just extend our stay in Jamaica. I mean where do you celebrate a honeymoon after having your wedding at a honeymoon destination? Anyone have any plans for honeymoon?
  4. Hi AMYANDJEROEN, Did you book the cruise? I am looking to do this too. When is your wedding? I am wondering how far in advance i should reserve this. Thanks, Annie
  5. CourtandMatt, I like the idea of the dinner cruise, if you find out any companies can you please share. I am looking into on my end too to see if I can find anything, but think that would be a good start to the wedding weekend!!
  6. have any of you gone down to do a preliminary look? I have honestly booked based on all the positive comments and nice pictures, but wanted to go down before the wedding. Did they give you a discounted rate when you stayed being that you scheduled the wedding there?
  7. Hi all! We booked our wedding too for 2013! We are July 14, 2013! So excited! We mailed our save the dates as well the other week. I look forward to seeing how things progress with all your weddings! It is nice to have people to share things with since none of my friends have gone this route. Date:July 14, 2013 Time: 4.30/5pm Hotel: Iberostar Rose Hall Suites Colors: Blue / Silver Bridal Party: 3 bridesmaides and 4 groomsmen Hair & Makeup: ?? Ceremony Location: Beach Cocktail Hour: Thinking at the beach outside of Ruby's - wanted to do the bonfire the night before as a 'welcome' celebration Reception Type: Private. Reception Location: Aunt Rubys - have the same concerns as Court - I am afraid it will be too hot! Reception Time: ? Music: DJ Photographer: ?? Possibly Marcia Roberty Videographer: ?? Guest Amount: Prob 50
  8. PMWOODARD - i love your flowers - where did you get them? And what were the style you asked for? Especially the blue as this is the color of my wedding too!
  9. Hello Ladies! I am so excited that I have booked my wedding already for July 2013 at the Rose Hall Suites! I know i have plenty of time, but am a planner and like to give everyone plenty of time to prepare! For those of you who have already gone through the process, how long should before the actually wedding day do you recommend I start working with the wedding planners to prepare? Same with photographers etc? I have over a year so think right now is a bit far ahead, but don't want to leave it to late either. Also I am trying to think of creative ideas to make this wedding special and stand out from all the rest I have been to! So are there pictures out there from your weddings I can use look at for inspiration? Any help welcome! I am excited to start the planning!!
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