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  1. Hello!! I cannot believe I leave in 10 days! And I'm freaking out just a bit now!! I had a really busy summer at work and then the month that I was supposed to do all my planning with the coordinator, my Uncle died and my nephew was born and it was just a busy busy month!! So I'm behind the 8-ball and I need some HELP!!!! PLEASE!!! My questions is about adding some things to the reception to make things special. MY QUESTION: Has anyone got married at DT and brought their own candles, flowers (fake), lights, table decorations?? Will they even let you do that?? Did they charge you to set it up (which is stupid to charge someone to light a candle, but whatever)?? Need some HELP on this and what to do!! Cause I need to send her an email today that basically says, I'm bringing my own decorations and I'm trying to stick to a budget. THANKS SO MUCH LADIES!!! Katie
  2. Oh and I have been pinning everything on my Pinterest Board...if anyone wants to follow me on pinterest (or we can all pin and follow each other) send me a private message and I'll send you my name! Thanks!!
  3. Hello! I can't remember and can't find the post, but I thought a few of you were getting married the last week in November and were talking about sharing decorations...I am getting married Dec 4, arriving Nov 30. I was wondering if you would be willing to let me in on any of that. I would love to share costs if there is some stuff that I could reuse! And second, I found a great website that selling the tall cylinder vases that everyone is always looking for and they are CHEAP. and they have them in every size, height, width, you could want!! http://www.wholesaleflowersandsupplies.com/wholesale_glass-cylinder_vases.html
  4. Hello! Tammy, I would also like to be able to have permission to view this list! I am having a hard time finding out which flowers are available in December (getting married at Dreams Tulum) and I would really like to be able to pick a color scheme out sometime soon! Thanks!!
  5. Hey MrsMclemore! I am from Bryson City, NC!!!!
  6. Hey Ladies, I was wondering if anyone is getting married within a day or two of us (we are getting married on 12/4)... maybe we can share decorations, etc. Maybe we could even share my photographer (I am trying to get one from home to come with us). Anyway, would love to share and compare!! Thanks!!
  7. Hello! My name is Katie, I have a wedding reserved and planned at Dreams Tulum 12/4/12. I am having a bit of anxiety about a few things and since you were recently married there, I was wondering if you would be willing to talk to me about things! My email is appkate@gmail.com Thanks!!
  8. Hey Everyone! I had a question about the "ceremony structure"/the arbor thing they use on the beach for weddings...does anyone know how you go about getting them to put the really pretty fabric on it?? If they have fabric there or do you bring it yourself?? And even through I am working with a travel agent, we are STILL waiting to hear back from MP about reserving a wedding date!!! Which is frustrating because we really want to send out invitations and get the ball rolling with telling our guests when deposits are due, etc. Any words of wisdom on that? Should it take this long for them to get back to me on just reserving a date?? I have been reading a lot about some of you having problems with the WC and planning things and it kind of freaks me out!! Before I go ahead and book MP should I look into other Palace resorts?? I really don't wanna have a hard time for the next 8 months planning this wedding, when it shouldn't be that hard to plan! If you had it to do over again would you go with MP or pick a smaller Palace resort? Thanks! Katie
  9. Hey!! That's cool!! I was wondering if I was the only one doing those colors!! I think I am gonna do coral (pink coral), tiffany blue, and navy blue. When are you getting married? Maybe we can share and compare! My name is Katie by the way and I'm from North Carolina.
  10. THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Where did you find this guy?? And how much is he charging you and for how many centerpieces? Thanks!!
  11. Hey!! NC and SC Brides!! Congratulations and nice to see some Southern Girls going to Moon Palace!! I live in the NC mountains!
  12. Hey Everyone!! I am waiting on my travel agent to confirm and reserve my wedding day for me and I am into the "DIY" invitations now and picking colors! I really like the idea of coral, navy blue, and tiffany blue...what are everyone's colors? I know I am putting the cart before the horse, but can anyone help me with a pdf of flowers or how you chose your flower arrangements and bouquets? Thanks!! Anyone else getting married that first week of November?
  13. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I think all the stress of finding a good resort and looking at rates and pictures and wedding packages has made me crazy!! I TOTALLY read that wrong!! I feel much much better now!!! I can't see us having more than 25 rooms! I was stressing about all the people I had invited and thinking, OH MY GOSH!!! LOL!!! Next time I should have more coffee before I start reading things!!! I feel so much better!! Thanks Ladies!! When are you all getting married by the way? Thanks, Katie
  14. Hey! Can anyone help me with a question about the RESORT CREDIT PROMOTION that the Palace Resorts are offering right now! I am really impatient!! I emailed one of the wedding planners, but haven't heard back. I am about 2 weeks from putting the resort on hold so we can book our trip with our friends and family and one of the big reasons I choose this resort is because of the $1500 resort credit for our guests. Plus I am having invitations done and I don't wanna have to switch resorts AGAIN! Picking a resort has been a NIGHTMARE! My problem is that yesterday, on the Palace web page, I read that groups over 25 people are not eligible for the resort credit promotion...IS THAT TRUE!!??? Someone please tell me if they know anything about this?? THANKS!
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