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  1. Anyone have suggestions on where to go for wedding jewelry? I am having a difficult time finding something that doesn't look cheap but is also not too expensive, impossible?

    Hi Linz!


    I absolutely know what you mean about finding that perfect jewelry, for your perfect day, that looks expensive, but not tough on the budget!  I wish I had known about Chloe & Isabel for my wedding.  I am now a Merchandiser for them, and they have perfect options to accessorize any bride's style, in a very affordable way!


    Visit my site: www.candiwithellegee.com



    Like what you see?  Make sure you don't forget something BLUE:)!

    Elegant, sophisticated . . PERFECT!

    A little sparkle for the big day!

    Dress up a simple dress!

    Statement Jewelry Under $50


  2. Originally Posted by yvettemtz View Post


    Did you guys get a sweetheart table? I have a small party and rather sit with everyone in a table rather than just us two. I was wondering If I can switch the floral piece on the sweetheart table to the ceremonial table.

    YES, they can absolutely do that. They will pretty much do whatever you request. I used my florals from the beach ceremony, to the reception as the centerpieces. A great way to save $$!



  3. Originally Posted by un4gitabl View Post


     Congratulations and Thank You K3Nelson for the fabulous review!!  It is so nice to be reminded that all of this planning will turn out fabulously!


    You said that you planned a bonfire, I was wondering what time you (or other past brides) started it.  I am working on schedule and invitation wording.  Also, for any other brides that were able to go through with the bonfire, what the light from the fire enough or did you need additional lighting?



    We held our bonfire the night before the wedding for all of our guests. It was from 8-10 on the beach. The lighting was provided and included in the cost! We only paid for the basic cost, an open bar on the beach, and the sound system, which we ran my ipod through! I included the information about the event on the 'travel brochure' that was sent to all guests who had booked, about a month before the event. I called it the 'welcome bonfire', as it was the first event to formally include everyone!!


    It was alot of fun, and totally worth it :)!

  4. Can you tell me where you got your bridesmaids feet jewelry and the sandals on your left foot?? I absolutely love your Persian plum color and wish I had picked that instead of fuchsia to go with my navy blue!
    Thank you! I actually made the sandals myself. If you are interested I can make you what you need custom to your colors and jewel preferences. And I bought my White sandals from Dillard last summer. I only wore them once and will sell them for $50 :)
  5. Processional Songs

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Israel

    Better Together: jack Johnson

    Marry Me: Train


    Parents Entrance: cant remember :(, a song my husband chose!

    Bridal Party (walk down paired together): Instrumental  of  "A Little Help From My Friends" by Beatles

    Bride Entrance: Instrumental of "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison

    Recessional: "Signed Sealed Delivered" By Stevie Wonder


    Reception Wedding Party Entrance: "Lets Get it Started" by Black Eyed Peas

    Reception Bride & Groom Entrance: "Walking on Sunshine" 

    First Dance: "Lifetime" by Ziggy Marley

    Parents Dance" "In My Life" By Beatles

    Cake Song: "All of My Love" by Led Zepplin

  6. Originally Posted by Rachel Terry View Post


    Also, has anybody worked with Maya Floral, aka the infamous "Marvin the florist"? I just got an email back with some pictures of flowers and some prices but have not had the time to sit down and compare if it would be cheaper to order them directly through him plus the $70 vendor fee. I must say though, these flowers are breath taking! Apparently he works with a lot of the resorts in the area including Secrets.

    We used Marvin, and LOVED them! There should not be an additional vendor fee . . they are a preferred vendor. We went back and forth, ALOT, before we finally came to mutual agreement on pricing and style. I highly recommend them!  They provided the boutinerres, hair flowers, corsages, aisle decor floral arrangements (which we then used as reception table centerpieces), and boughets. 









  7. Originally Posted by Rachel Terry View Post


    Hey everyone!


    After experiencing the notorious Cecilia limbo over the past few days we've received our paperwork for the deposit and extras.


    I literally laughed out loud when I saw they wanted close to $200 for upgraded table clothes. I am thinking of just buying some from one of the mega wholesale wedding sites like save-on-crafts.com or koyal wholesale.


    Also, I have seen some brides post about taking a jambox down there with them for the reception. I was thinking about doing this as well since the speaker only costs $300 verses $599.40 for three hours sound system from the resort.


    Any thoughts?

    I thought the same thing about the upgraded tablecloths, LOL! We actually rented detailed overlays from a local vendor  (@ $18 each), purchased chair sashes and matching napkins (less than a dollar each @ weddinglinendirect.com), and purchased satin ivory table cloths.I also made each chair sash ring with the starfish to accentuate it.  I was actually more concerned about seeing the actual product (to make sure the color matched well), to feel more confident about what I was working with :)! However, from seeing other weddings while I was there, you can be assured they all look amazing!!! 





  8. Originally Posted by msop04 View Post



    Wow!  Jen, your wedding was beautiful!  Love love LOVE your dress!!  You looked AMAZING!! 


    I only hope my wedding is half as lovely as yours!!   1-pray.gif   Thank you for sharing your special day with us!  Our wedding is 3/15 (two months from today - YIKES!!) and I am starting to get really excited, but super stressed as well, so... I do have a few questions for you... wink.gif


    1.  I noticed that a lady in a green dress (your mother I think?) wore high heels on the petate walkway.  Was she able to walk comfortably on it without her heels sinking in between the woven mats?  I know this sounds like a crazy question, but the length of my dress depends on what shoes I'll be wearing. Since we're having our reception back in the States, I bought some awesome heels (about 4 inches, 3 inches with 1 inch platform...) - but I'm worried my dress will be WAY too long for flats or bare feet for the Mexico ceremony...  Ugh!  Please help!!


    2.  How much time did you have between the ceremony and the cocktail hour? ...or did it start immediately after it?


    3.  Did you choose the Mexican or Caribbean Trio?  Did you get to hear both of them prior to your ceremony??  (I have a sound bite of each, but they only last about 5 seconds, so it's difficult to tell a lot about each.)  Did they perform for the cocktail hour or for dinner?  



    Thanks in advance!!!  

    I sent you a PM with clips from both Caribbean Trio and Mexican Mariachi. We chose Mariachi, but I would probably choose the Caribbean trio if I did it over again :)


    OH, and we had about an hour and 10 minute gap between ceremony and cocktail hour so we could do photos in the mansion. AND, we still missed almost the entire cocktail hour, LOL!  Our guests didnt mind the gap in time, because they went to the outdoor sports bar and watched football :)

  9. Originally Posted by Rachel Terry View Post


    Hello everyone!


    First, I would like to thank everyone who has posted to this thread. I am a brand new member to the BDW forum. The amount of information on here is extremely helpful!


    As for me, I will be getting married at Secrets in December this year. I have been in contact with Barbara Vong from Wright Travel Agency and she has been helping me with room rates. She has been extremely attentive to all my emails as well!


    Did most of you book through a TA? Or do it on your own? After crunching numbers the rates from the TA are a little lower plus they include transfers to the resort.


    Thanks for your help!

    Hi Rachel! Welcome and Congrats! This website, and specifically, this forum, will become like a best friend to you in your planning, LOL! We were married in October of 2012, and were extremely satisfied with SMB. We utilized a travel agent, Chuck Joyce, with Gosecrets.com, and also extended better than posted rates for our 45 guests. Please feel free to PM me any questions :) 


    Happy Planning!

  10. Originally Posted by Jen Eeson View Post


    Hi girls!


    Just wanted to share our highlight video and some photos of the day.  The resort is truly beautiful and Cecilia is fabulous.  She will guarantee your day is perfect.  


    Video was created by Moho Creative:


    Photos by Fine Art Studio: http://www.fineartstudioblog.com/oqeypopups.php?oqeyid=213


    Please feel free to ask me questions about the resort, vendors, my experience, etc., and I will try to help!  I plan to do a review of the external vendors we used as well as the resort at some point....hopefully this week.



    LOVE THIS! Thank you for sharing :)! You look absolutely stunning and SO HAPPY!!!!  CONGRATS!



    We honored our dogs who could not make it many ways:


    1) Table #s from engagement photos that were taken with dogs

    2) Wedding topper custom made to include the dogs

    3) I ordered custom cuff links and bowtie in gray linen to match my husbands suit, and a pink dress to match my bridesmaids. Then I took photos of the doggies. I surprised my husband with life size cutouts of the dogs made and shipped to our resort. I had them set up at the chuppah (girl on my side, and boy dog on his side) as a surprise! he LOVED them!!!!

    4) I used the dogs photos (from taken with custom outfits) and made my husband his 'wedding day card" with the front photo of the dogs 'We are so excited your are marrying our mom today!"






    Our cake topper with the standard cake the resort provided.



  12. Hi Laura, How much did Adventure photo charge you for the photo for your save-the-dates?  I really like that idea!!  Thank you! Actually, i really lucked out. I saw a similar photo on the SMB facebook page and emailed them about it. They did it for no charge for me but i think some other brides have inquired since with no such luck. If u want message me and ill send u the photo ....its not even us :)  
  13. Originally Posted by Planner1Events View Post


    hello secrets maroma brides!!


    we provide the lounge sets for the hotel and i must tell you girls that people love the this ambiance for the bonfire night. we have several packages including lounge sets, paper lamps, tikitorches, white flags to delimitate the area... that upgrade your welcome or rehearsal dinner and make it so much more special!


    send me a PM in case you need more information and we can send you pictures of what we have done at the hotel.


    congratulations for your wedding!!!




    LADIES: Gabi from Planner 1 Events was my point of contact for all of my upgrades for my big day!  Communication with her was effortless and quick. I highly recommend corresponding with her for some of the upgrade item questions ya'll have for Cecilia, because she can more than likely help you out too!  Gabi and Planner 1 helped execute my vision even more beautifully than I even imagined it :)!

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