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  1. Holy crap. I FINALLY posted my wedding review! Here it is http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/6795
  2. The flags hanging from the ceiling are called "Papel Picado". It's very traditional for Mexican fiestas, and here's a link to a website that sells them http://www.casabonampak.com/papelpicado.html
  3. As far as I know, you CAN buy the two room nights in order to get your free benefits. I know they are stinging about this, but its better than paying. I'm sorry they are being so rude. I'm glad your family is okay though, that's the most important thing. All the best.
  4. Ugh, sorry for the horrible spelling and such. The iPad changes words on me
  5. Hello everyone!!! I'm back!!! Wel, I came back yesterday but I was exhausted and I didn't want to believe I was back to reality already I will write my review soon! So the wedding went AMAZING! All of my guests complemented me for the way it s set up, the area, my DIY crafts, and how perfect it all turned out. The only screw up on the wedding was that my brides maids didn't explain when to use the confetti wands and it didn't work. Oh well! I have never seen my family, and my new family, be so excited, full of tears, and so into dancing lol. I wish I could redo it. It went by wayyyyy too fast. So make sure you enjoy it About MP, my only big issue was how unorganized they are regarding credits, your bookings and using membership benefits. In total, we spent over 8 hours trying to fix my guests 1500 credits that hadn't been validated, making sure they could use their membership benefits, and trying to book a tour. It took forever error. No then they would screw it up. I booked my free manicure with my membership credits, and they took it out of one of my guest room. It was incredibly frustrating and annoying. But thanks to one lady that stayed late on her shift, we were able to fix the credits issues and my guests appreciated it. Also, make sure you read what is and isn't included, and don't give money to anyone outside of the resort without getting a receipt. My now mother-in-law got ripped off at the dolphin swim because she paid a guy for the food and he gave them the wrong bracelet, and when they got to the swim, they had to pay again. As the lady said, "this is Mexico", so watch out for scammers. This wasn't on the resort so don't freak out already. Just watch yourself when you are in Cancun. To those that are freaking out about the construction, stay calm. We stayed on the Sunrise side, closest to the Nizuc side (toronja building to be exact) and it was perfectly fine. Yes, there was some serious construction going on in the Sunrise lobby, and by the one side of the many, many pools in Sunrise, but they didn't really bother me. Why? Because I didn't really go into the Sunrise lobby since you can just go to the Nizuc lobby and do everything you need there (the wedding department is in this lobby), and the buildings that were being torn down and remodeled had no one staying in them. The only disaster we had was that on the day of my wedding, the hot water went out on the one side of the building, and there was none on the other. They gave us keys to other rooms to take showers, but some people just skipped it. A pipe broke and they fixed it rather quickly. Shit happens, so I'm over it. My advised to all the brides? Make sure you have all your items completed 1 week before you go (it sucks finishing things while you are on vacation), make sure your vendors know where to go and at what time, book your appointments for your hair and such early, and just stay calm. People will move mountains for you if you do. While I was fixing my credits, a lady said "wow, you are so calm"...I was freaking out inside but my calm helped her figure out what to do and she told me it MADE her want to help me more because I wasn't rude or mean. A smile and kind words, go farther, than any tip you can give them. As I said, I will post my review soon. I am still tired from the lack of sleep (excitement and too much sun, I'm burnt) and my baby is super active lately. I think it misses the pool (I'm 5 months pregant). If you have any questions, message me Best of luck to anyone getting married soon!!!
  6. Every day I check the weather it changes. But it just seems to be rain the whole week I am down there, thus far. If I know Mexico, most of it will be like 1 hour showers in the afternoon, then clear skies. The only thing I'm worried about is that all my events are outside and there's going to be tons of mosquitos out right after the rain...ugh. Oh well. 6 days until I leave!!!!!! yay
  7. Im going to be doing a blue hawaiian, since blue is our main colour. It's a piña colada with blue curaçao. I think the only restriction the resort might have against it is if you use liquor they dont carry. So Im going to keep it simple and ask the on-site coordinator to do it. If not, then ill tip the bartender to do it hahaha
  8. I would recommend using PSAV instead of JSAV. They are like $100 cheaper for the exact same thing...Don't know why lol
  9. If you are getting the free cocktail hour, then you have to pay for a full hour. Like I am getting a free cocktail hour, and then paying for another hour for 40 people and it's going to be $800. If you are PAYING for the first hour of cocktail, then you get the second for half prize of what you paid for the first hour. I am getting an outside photographer to come in because it is seriously worth it to pay $500 than to use the in-house photographers, in my opinion. And there's no getting around it unless you have them down as guests and they are staying over 3 nights at the hotel.
  10. Well, CONGRATULATIONS to all the October brides like me! Let's hope it's amazing and that all this planning torture was well worth it So girls, I have great news: The Disco is finally open! I got word that as of right now, it is up and running. And seeing the pictures of the outside when it was still closed, I am so pumped to go in there and celebrate!! WOOHOOO Ps. For the ladies talking about Marvin, he asked me for full payment before hand, but it was only $355, so I was okay with paying it
  11. Thanks Speckels. I know things will probably go by smoothly once I get there and talk to the actual onsite coordinator. Well, at least I hope so lol. Rpc51, I had three people try to contact Renee to get her to start helping me for over a month, then less than 2 months before the wedding she contacts me and tells me we have to hurry and plan everything, making it seem like it was MY fault she hadn't contacted me and that nothing was done. She was really nice on the phone and what not, but she often turns around and changes what she says, and then gets the wrong information from people and expects you to keep track of what she has been saying. I would recommend asking for someone else.
  12. So.. I pretty much just "broke up" with my coordinator Renee. She lied and told me I had enough room nights to get the unlimited events, then turns around and tells me I only have enough for the cocktail hour and that I have to pay for the reception. So I just emailed her back to give me the cocktail hour, book my dinner and tat I willnot pay for anything, such and vendor fees, until I get there. Also that 9 months of terrible communication and stress was enough and I didnt want to deal with the planning anymore.... I am so tired of them. I am just going to get Marvin to bring my flowers, book my outside photographer that is a million times better than the ones hey have and wing it when I get to the resort. I am done. Done with the bull@?$! ... Ughhh Sorry, just had to vent with people that understand... They make me wish I would have booked else where. :mad:
  13. So I tried making my own and was having issues because i didn't get a frame with two glasses. Make sure you do that if you want to DIY. My soon-to-be mother-in-law bought me a really nice frame for my bridal shower, so I am just going to be using that Good luck!
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