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  1. Hello! I am sorry, I completely forgot to take down this post. The dresses have been sold. I have other coral related items if you're looking. Thank you for your interest!
  2. You don't have to pay a vendor fee for Neysa. Be sure to let Magda know who your vendors are so she can prepare for them.
  3. Hey! We fed my daughter (3 1/2) & my niece (6) pasta with red sauce at the Rehearsal Dinner at Portofino and chicken strips and fries at the wedding reception. Heard the girls loved both meals. Here is some of the options Magda provided me: hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pasta in with or red sauce Costs: Rehearsal dinner child cost: $10 Wedding child cost: $32.50
  4. From my experience, I would say use the time for excursions for your honeymoon. We arrived Wednesday afternoon, rehearsal & rehearsal dinner Friday night, and wedding Saturday afternoon. I spent Thursday organizing wedding decor stuff, meeting with Magda & the florist, and following up with other vendors. After that, we spent time exploring the resort or at the pool with our guests. Dreams has great activities that kept our guests entertained. No one wanted to leave the resort. I don't think anyone did an excursion while there. With water volleyball, corn hole, horse shoes, and afternoon contests sponsored by the resort, everyone just hung out at the pool together.
  5. Hello my fellow Dreams Cabo Brides! I just returned Thursday evening from our wedding Dreams Los Cabos and honeymoon at Secrets Marquis in Cabo! It was absolutely perfect! Magda runs that place! You're in good hands with her! I am working on my wedding review now. Because I am in the process of moving out of state, it may take me a bit. If you have immediate questions to help move your wedding planning forward, email me at bukkylanskiwedding@gmail.com. I used the following vendors: Wedding Coordinator: Magda Florist: Emporio (I would not recommend them. Their work is not impressive and it takes them a while to understand what you want.) DJ: Ricardo Bride Hair & Make Up: Neysa Berman BM & Mother of the Bride & Groom hair: Dreams Salon Photographer & videographer: Daniel Jireh Cake: Dreams Honeymoon hotel: Secrets Marquis Transportation: Epic Travel Agent: Teresa with Vacations for Less Happy Planning!
  6. Hi! Congrats on putting together your wedding at Dreams! You'll love it there! We got married before we left to Mexico. Wasn't my favorite idea, but I have heard it's too much of a hassle to be married legally in Mexico. Between blood tests, ceremony in Spanish, and all your marriage paperwork is in Spanish, which means you have to pay for it to be translated into English. The woman who performed our legal ceremony at the local court house mentioned she heard stories of people having a great deal of issues when they were married in Mexico. It may not be the glamorous way, but it is probably safer, cheaper, and easier for you and you Fiance. Good luck!
  7. McLecker: wanted to send a quick reply prior to my full review to share that Neysa is worth every dollar. Also, its pronounced Nee-sa. Not only is she professional and friendly, but her work is incredible. My make up and hair looked amazing after 10:30pm, especially after the heat and humidity. I touched my make up only once. I couldn't imagine getting married without her taking care of my hair and make up. The Dreams Salon did a great job on my bridesmaids hair. They chose a simple side bun and it came out great. I did love that they added a flower to complete the look. They were pretty quick and easy to work with. Most of the stylists don't speak English so have pictures or use their picture book to communicate your look. My mom and MIL's hair looked great as well. From my experience, the Dreams Salon is great for simple updo's for bridal party and guests. As a Bride, I wanted to feel confident in my hair and makeup. I do believe professional hair and make up photographs much better. Neysa made that happen and I couldn't be happier. So my advice: hire Neysa. You won't regret feeling amazing on your special day!
  8. I did not have to pay for any vendor passes. I did share with Magda everyone that was coming off resort (guests & vendors) before I arrived so there was no confusion. I will say, make sure your vendors, especially photographer and makeup & hair what room you'll be in for the wedding day. They sent my hair and make up artist to the wrong room. Luckily she had the email I sent her and came to the correct room.
  9. You're welcome. I really like how they turned out. Hope you like yours as well! I did one menu per person. I chose a family style seating (one long rectangle table with guests on either side) with simple centerpieces. I am a minimalist with modern taste so the menus really bring out the color I wanted on the table. Especially because I chose the white table linens included in the package so I could use that rental money elsewhere. Hope that helps! Good luck! Let me know how they turn out!
  10. McLecker: My bridesmaids, my mom, and MIL are getting their hair done at the Dreams Salon for our 9-22-2012 wedding. I will be sure to include a review of the salon. I am having Neysa Berman do my hair and make up, as well as make up for my mom and MIL.
  11. Hello! I am about to finish using the all around page punch for my wedding crafts and wanted to share some quick feedback for you. Turning the punch over is a must. Only way to accurately align the punch to the paper and previous punches. Not sure if you are using the corner punch and straight line punch together, but if so, determine your paper size based on how long the punch is. For example, with the Martha Stewart Art Deco punch I am using for my wedding menus, I punched the corners and used the straight punch twice across the top to determine my width and then punched along the sides until I was happy with the length. It's the easiest way to determine your paper size because you'll want the punches to align well so it flows. You can see from the photos below how I used my all around page punch. Hope this helps you get started on yours! Let me know if you have other questions. Wedding Reception Place Cards - Up Close It's just the white piece of paper. I used the coral paper to show the detail. Wedding Reception Place Cards Here is what is actually looks like set up
  12. If anyone is still interested in charger plates, I am selling 39 coral colored charger plates for $40. You can see the ad here. Send me a message if you're interested. Thanks!
  13. Forgot to mention, these are the appetizers we chose for the wedding cocktail hour... Choux with chicken salad Tostadas of beef salpicon Grissini with prosciutto ham Chile popper Mini vol au vent with sea food Beef brochette with blue cheese sauce
  14. For the rehearsal dinner, we have chosen... First course: PAVAROTTI: Pesto shrimps, prosciutto with grissini, goat cheese, pear, kalamata olives, in Parmesan cheese crust accompanied with baby spinach salad and red berries vinaigrette Second Course: MINESTRONE Main Course: ENVOLTINI: Beef tenderloin stuffed with asparagus, provolone cheese and prosciutto ham served with a balsamic sauce Dessert: Cannoli Sicilian: Cannoli Stuffed with Mascarpone, Pistachio Cream & Chocolate For our wedding reception we have chosen... First course: Puff pastry filled with shrimp in a saffron and basil sauce Second Course: Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil Main Course: Beef fillet filled with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, and basil Dessert: Wedding Cake (vanilla cake with chocolate filling) & Tiramisu I will let you know how the food is! I am hoping my mom remembers to take pictures for my wedding review as well!
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