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  1. Selling all thats left over from my beach wedding! Lots of Starfish items and purple and lime green accents! Here is the link! www.purpleandgreenbeachwedding.weebly.com Please contact me through the website as I may not always log in here to check on messages! Will to work with people on shipping prices and will take all reasonable offers...I just want the stuff out of my house!! Thanks!
  2. I have pictures of us setting ours off!! Anyone know how I can post them?
  3. Ok pics are up on website! I haven't gone through everything yet, so please bear with me! www.purpleandgreenbeachwedding.weebly.com Enjoy!
  4. I posted stuff for sale in the For Sale section, but when I try to go back to edit my post it tells me I do not have permission to edit it. How do I fix this? Thanks!
  5. Ok I tried to add the pics that I was able to take last night, but it wont allow me to edit this post for some reason. Please PM me your email addresses and I will send the pics that way until I can get a website set up with the pics! Thanks everyone for your interest!!
  6. They are light weight, clear plastic bags with white starfish on them. I really really loved them. I lined them with tissue paper which made the starfish really stand out! Will count and take pics tonight!
  7. I have one taken from a friend at the ceremony...nothing great! I will see who posted it where or just take a new one tonight! Thanks for the congrats!!
  8. I would say they are more along 6-7"...maybe? This is from memory since I am at work but I will get an exact measurement when I get home. Also I will send over the rest of the pics as soon as I take them tonight! Thanks for your interest!!
  9. Hey girls...my wedding was this past weekend and I have TONS of stuff left over. Most of it was never used due to the bad weather on the beach. We just returned home yesterday so everything is still boxed, but I need it gone ASAP. I will try to get pics together tonight but in the meantime I have: Raffia fans (handles wrapped in purple or lime green ribbon with starfish charms and monogram, but monogram comes off easily) Card stock paper Paper punches Sliced starfish for table number holders Starfish bags used for OOT bags First Aid kits with purple labels Hand painted "As two families become one, please choose a seat and not a side" sign Thank You Parasol - White Medication Bags from OOT bags Purple Table Runners TONS of shells LED pillar candles LED floating orbs for pool Large (and I mean LARGE) Lobster trap used as card box Sand box/trays used for place cards Large white finger starfish Large purple finger starfish Im sure I have more items, these are just the ones off the top of my head at this moment. I will count everything and get prices. Please email me if interested or have any questions!! Thanks so much!
  10. Thank you!! This is super helpful!! I will be starting these this upcoming week! As for menus...are you doing 1 per person, 1 per table or what? Im still not sure which I want to do!
  11. Yes 1 for every 2 is good if your crowd is younger. I can not see my grandparents being able to handle one between the two of them. So I guess it totally depends on your crowd.
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