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  1. Hey girls! I know when I was planning my wedding all I wanted to see on here was pictures, pictures and more pictures of Dreams!!!! I have a full review under my profile but here's some pictures of my DREAM wedding at Dreams Los Cabos! Feel free to email me directly at jessicasullivan86@gmail.com with questions
  2. Melissa- feel free to email me...I got married there October 27th last year at Dreams and I am actually going back July 28-August 2nd for vacation. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions and ease your mind I remember feeling the same way as you are right now! My personal email is jessicasullivan86@gmail.com If you click on my profile I did a review of Dreams too that might help you
  3. I'm thinking about selling my wedding dress is anyone is interested please message me or send an email to jessicasullivan86@gmail.com It's a Val Stefani D7994- I paid $1850.00 for the dress and then had them customize it by dipping down the back of the dress. Final cost for the dress was $2225.00. I am willing to sell it for a lot less than what I paid. I ordered a size 8 but had it taken in quite a bit. I would say it would be best for a size 6 or smaller. I am 5'9 and did not wear tall shoes with my dress
  4. Thank you so much!!!!!! That was so sweet of you! Yes, we had everything planned out to be married at the Gazebo until we got there and saw it. I should've listened to other Brides...they were not lying when they said the aisle is extremely short. We had 70 guests and there was just no way that with a Bridal party of 15 and all our guests we would fit comfortably. We met with our Wedding Planner and the only other option was the Beach which I wasn't having. We held a meeting with her and the Wedding Planner I flew down with us to go over everything. I showed her this spot (which was right outside the Lobby) They didn't think they would be able to accommodate this request but with some push from my WC they were able to get a hold of someone higher up in Management and approve it. They told us it would be a one time exception but maybe after getting some of our photos they will start advertising it??? The Gazebo is a great spot IF you don't have more than 40 guests...I can't imagine putting anymore than that on the grass. My email is jessicasullivan86@gmail.com if anyone wants to reach out to me with questions that's the best way I've already spoken with two brides via phone to give them all the ins and outs
  5. Hey Girls! I'm back from my Wedding at Dreams! I wanted to post some pics until I can write a full review It was more than we ever dreamed of!!!!! We are the first people EVER to get married in this spot!!!!!! Cake by Dessert Diva- tasted AMAZING! White Dance Floor First Kiss!
  6. THANK YOU!!!!!! I am getting so excited...it's now starting to seem so real )
  7. My dress just came in!!!!! I went Saturday to try it on! (It still needs to be fitted)
  8. So exciting! Mine just came in! I am going to try it on next Saturday after my make up trial! I am so nervous! I hope it's exactly what I remember! haha I only tried the sample on once! You look beautiful!!!!
  9. Here you go girls They really make a difference is the place settings Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to answer!
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