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  1. Hey ladies!! It's been a while since I have been on here. So much has been going on! We have had a few deaths in the family and between work and finishing school this semester I am TOAST! LOL. I have not done a thing with the wedding in the past month and a half so I am ready to get in gear now. My dress is finally in! YAY! Just have to go on an extreme diet before the fitting, with all of the things I have had to deal with these past 2 months, my weight gain is just disgusting... :-( How is everyone doing?? I am so sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with Transat...I hope both of you can get it settled and wishing you less stress! I cannot imagine going through that. My group still has until October to book but I am sending the final invites out in a few weeks with a September date so I can buy more for my OT bags. But I think booking here in the U.S. is different than in Canada. TTYS girls!
  2. Let know what you find out. I will talk to my TA as well. Oh and FYI ladies - if you did not get approval to bring an outside photgrapher onto the resort in 2013, you will not be able to. Be sure to bring this up to the wedding coordinator!!! I fortunately got Yinette to agree to let me bring my photgrapher on the resort for $50.
  3. I was starting to sweat reading this over here! Thank goodness! I was wondering why they would have renovations at their busiest time of year! That made no sense to me! I am getting married in January and now I am not freaking out as much. Thanks for checking on that Alicia. :-)
  4. I was thinking this too. I want sundresses, line pants, etc too..Beach business??? LOL I am kidding, Ill keep thinking about it.
  5. SO TRUE....my FI is one my greatest friends and has been a SAVIOR to me with dealing with some "friends" and family that are either rude or decided not to go. This whole comment is great advice to remember... :-)
  6. I am also getting married in Janaury 2013, for 7 nights/8 days for my guests it is $1300 - $1400 pp with flight, taxes, hotel, and transfer. But I don't know if it is different in Canada than the U.S. Looking at Ocean Blue prices for the year though, I haven't seen under $1000 at all for 7 nights. Other resorts yes, but not here. That $1884 seems high though. I did notice that once you got into February prices went up drastically.
  7. That's a great idea. I know for sure the Detroit Tigers have Dominican players on their team and there are plenty of hats around here.
  8. I went to Punta Cana, DR last June (different resort). You do not have to tip by any means BUT I found out that a few dollars goes a long way. For instance, we tipped a great bartender a few times and the rest of the 7 days we were there he always took care of us. Same thing with the maid, we would leave a few dollars everytime we left the room (sometimes a gracias note) and we would have extra towels, extra items in the mini fridge, and one time a beautfil bouquet of flowers from her. So while it is not customary, I would suggest tipping. It doesnt have to be every time you order anything, but a few dollars here and there and they are beyond grateful. They work crazy hours and for 24 days straight I believe so I wore my heart on my sleeve and tipped them. They are very appreciative people. :-) Hope this helps!
  9. Dang, I know for sure I will not have 100 people...otherwise that is a great deal!
  10. Good Morning Alicia! :-) That is great to know about the bubba kegs. I will have to go check out the Walmarts around me, I did not know they carried them. I really have no color preference if I can find them all. OOT BAG question: What size bag are you looking to get? I have seen some pretty big beach type bags on here that are really nice (the cotton canvas ones) but I have yet to find any that are not expensive. Side note: I didn't know shipping to Canada was that big of a difference...I know it is another country but it must be because it is faster for me to go to Canada than any other state! I used to go to Windsor all of the time or sometimes Sarnia too. It takes me less time to get to either of those places in Canada than the states surrounding MI. LOL!
  11. I don't have them yet, still looking! Trying to find a decent deal on some, even though I know they will be the costly item, from what I hear they are the biggest hit!
  12. I will have my stats to you by then. I feel like I have been slacking. With all of the stress of the wedding, family, work, school, etc. I have not been motivated as much as I should be. Especially seeing as I have less time than all of you! Ugh. I hate feeling like this, this is when I turn to junk food. Haven't yet but I am at a weak point. Thank you so much for this thread, reading through it this morning has been very helpful. :-)
  13. Alicia - I am so excited to do the OOT bags and I plan on doing what you are doing. Focusing more on the insulated mugs and keyhoders than anything. About how much are those bubba kegs?? I am interested in using those over anything else. alittlerandr - Love the drawstring bag idea, I found some on abcdistrubuting.com but they were all girly, i should order some though at least for the girls I know that are going. I want to start looking at items on clearance for these bags but I really have no idea what the guest count would be. Once I have a better idea I will start buying more items. Thank you for the Vistaprint suggetion for the brochure, I am going to check that out too.
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