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  1. Thanks for all the information it was very helpful! I'm getting married at The Beloved on April 13th and still haven't decided on a photographer. Could you maybe email me some of your pictures so I can see you'd photographers work? Thanks - Ashley
  2. Thank you for the heloful review! My fiance and I are planning on getting married at La Amada April 13,2013 do you have any pictures so I can try and get some ideas..... Also did you get married in April if so how was the weather? I still have so much time but can't wait to start planning everything!!!
  3. Hi Tillipipper, I feel in love with this hotel but I'm nervous because there aren't many brides with information on here!! I'm looking for a more intimate wedding we are prob going to have around 150 people I'm so stressed out because we are looking to do April 2013 and I really need to decide on a place ASAP to get save the dates out!!! Can you give me any info on the hotel how was the food, any kind of night lif,e can I do a Private dinner reception on the beach,etc.??? Thanks
  4. Hi, I just got so excited when I seen a bride that had there wedding at the Marriott, I fell in love with the pictures that I've seen there! Can you tell me how everything went, if you have any pics that would be such a big help too?? Thanks
  5. Hi, Im a newbie at this and would love to have our wedding at Atlantis but Im affraid it will be to exspensive for our guest! Do they give you any kind of deals if you have a large party book? I just feel like a lot of the All Inclusive's are wedding factory's but that is the more affordable way for people to go doing destination weddings.
  6. Beautiful thanks for posting!!! Do u have any from your reception would love to see those to get an idea? Thanks
  7. Hi, how did everything go? I am on the fence about having it a BP so please fill ME in.... can you put up some pics?
  8. Hi, I love the Adventura Spa Palace and really would love to have my wedding their, but I not thrilled that there is really no beach!!! Was it a big deal to you or any of your guest??? Also how was the food... Im such a food person so Im really nervous about that too!!! Please help feeling so overwhelmed!!! :-/
  9. Thank you so much for the post it was so helpful!! We really want to have our wedding here... Im just affraid were going to have to many guest! If you don't mind me asking, what was your total of guest from the seating on the beach it looks like you had a lot of people? Also I know this is normally an adults only resort so can you get a room with double beds incase people bring there kids with them? Thanks so much for your help!! Everything looked beautiful for your wedding!! .;
  10. Thank you so much this was soO helpful!! I absolutely love this place, and would love to have my wedding here. Im pretty sure we can book 25 rooms which I love the idea of having the whole resort to ourselves,my only thing is I notice everyone keeps saying they are staying for the weekend can you stay longer than that... Maybe 6 nights 5 days? We are looking to do April 13,2013 so anyone with any information,pics etc. please share every little bit helps!! I look forward to hearing from everyone, thanks in advance!!! Happy Planning everyone
  11. Hi I'm a newbie at this, looking for brides that have had their wedding at Adventura Spa/Cove? Im feeling so overwhelmed with picking the perfect resort. We are planning to do our wedding April 2013 and need some help so I would love to hear from all you brides!!! Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, Im a newbie trying to figure out where we are going to have our wedding and I do really like Dreams Los Cabos how did you make out?? This is the hardest descion, Im feeling so overwhelmed!!! Do you have any pics that I can look at to get an idea? Thanks
  13. Hi, I am in the process of planning a destination wedding as well and am feeling very overwhelmed with picking the perfect resort! I felt the same way you did and I need it to be kid friendly also, we live in Philadelphia and am trying to find something that is afforadable for our guest. Which resort did you go with?
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