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  1. Thanks so much for both of your suggestions! They both look FABULOUS. Adelaide, I read your detailed review and everything looked and sounded wonderful! I love the idea of the Royal Club, I LOVE the Gazebo, and I love where you had your reception. Actually, I thought everything was beautiful!! Omsadpad, a friend of mine stayed at the RIU Palace last year for vacation and thought it was beautiful also. We are getting married in July too so I am worried about it being rainy season. Is it less likely to rain in Cabo? Was this one of the reasons you chose Cabo? Thanks again for your suggestion!
  2. Hi Ladies! I am planning a wedding for July 2011 and am having a really hard time trying to decide where to get married and I am hoping you can help. When I read the reviews, so many places sound absolutely wonderful but after a while I start to get overwhelmed. Heres a list of what our dream location would have. Is there any resort that fits most of them? Dream wedding: -All inclusive resort with clean updated rooms (an extra bonus would be a great suite for bride and groom) -Great bars and lots of food...friends like to party! -will have a few kids so it cant be an adult only resort -Beautiful, safe beach with clean sand (nothing rocky and not known for big waves) - an incredible, gigantic pool...a swim up bar in the pool would be fun -Would love to have the wedding ceremony on a private, decorated gazebo or beautiful, private terrace that overlooks the beach. (not directly on the beach)...we are expecting about 75 guests -We dont want other tourists walking around us around during the wedding ceremony so privacy is very important to us -private cocktail hour maybe around a pool? -Outdoor (or semi-outdoor) private dinner and reception with great views of the ocean. But again, not right on the beach. -A dance floor and DJ -If it rains, alternatives are still nice. -flying out of Chicago and really dont want the flight to be over 5-6 hours -but of course not terribly expensive. Would you recommend anywhere particular? Is there a place that has all this or am I just dreaming? Thanks!
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    New MOH!

    Hi! I hope this isnt against the rules for me to join because I am not a bride to be (havent found my prince charming yet) but, I am my sister's MOH. She is getting married in July 2011 most likely somewhere in Mexico. I am so excited and am hoping to find some great ideas on this forum. I already have spent hours scouring this site and have learned so much. I sent my sister a link to this forum and she will be joining soon! Thanks!