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  1. Thank you ladies! Im really considering it! It is a once an a lifetime event! Now - my only issue is that I was planning a Trash The Dress session...do I really want to trash this gorgeous dress! This is the dress http://www.morilee.com/julietta/3116
  2. Hey Ladies - what fabric are your wedding dresses. I had orginally wanted Organza b/c I thought it would be lighter/airier than satin, but I tried on a satin dress this weekend and I love it! Do you think it will be to hot/humid for a satin dress? What do you think?
  3. Hey Ladies - Im just curious what fabric is your wedding dress. I had orginally wanted Organza b/c I thought it would be lighter/airier than satin, but I tried on a satin dress this weekend and I love it! Do you think it will be to hot/humid for a satin dress in December? I wasnt expecting to try on Satin and did on a whim and now I cant get it out of my head! Would I be crazy to get a Satin dress? What do you think?
  4. I just booked HDC yesterday for our Dec 2012 wedding based on all the good reviews from this site and FB! Im very happy with their service and quick responses to my questions. And they give their prices right on the website (under the experience page). I think thats very important. I like the transparency of it all and not having to wait for a price list. When comparing HDC prices and services to the resorts services - HDC was the winner hands down. I booked them for photos, video and trash the dress! Good luck!
  5. teamboyd2012 - I've been considering customizing my package too as we had originally chose the ultimate package and it was coming out to be a bit pricey and I didnt need all the spa stuff nor the photography stuff. After I saw your post, I emailed my WC asap! lol Being that we both went the same route regarding vendors, I figured what the heck, it doesnt hurt to ask. I sent her a list of exactly all the things I want for the wedding. Lets see what happens! Thanks for the tip!
  6. So glad I found this page. I just got engaged in Oct. We are getting married in Dream Palm Beach Punta Cana on Dec 1st 2012. I've been on WW for 1 year - lost 30lbs. I could have lost more but hardly worked out and slacked off a bit after we got engaged...where was the logic there! lol lol I hope to lose another 50lbs by the wedding! I need help and motivation ladies! I went to the gym today - first day back and did 45 mins on the treadmill. fast walk and some jogging. I hope to keep it up. I want to start trying dresses on soon, but want to lose some more weight first....
  7. teamboyd2012- we did passport save the date and are doing boarding pass invites. Message in the bottle looked to have been too pricey, but would have loved to do that! we're getting married there Dec 1. Planning to book HCD as the photographer/videographer and DJ Mannia - but not sure if want to book the DJ through the hotel or directly through Mannia. trying to figure out where we get the best deal for our $$. What did you do?
  8. We're getting married at Dreams Palm Beach, DR on Dec 1, 2012, We did passport STDs that were sent out this week! The process is overwhelming but having a great time with my FI. We are doing our own boarding pass invites. Got many great ideas from this site. Good luck everyone!
  9. Lisa2626 - We're getting married Dec 1, 2012 and are having the same issue. Do we get married before or after our symbolic ceremony at DPB. We dont want our guest to know that we are getting married early if we do as we want them to feel as if they are witnessing the REAL thing. Our dating anniversary is in August and we were thinking of getting married that day b/c the day means so much to us now, why not make it our wedding anniversary date too. But getting legally married in Aug & Symbolic wedding in Dec? Is that too much time btwn the too. We havent been able to decide! LOL And then which date is considered your wedding anniversary? The legal date or our Symbolic date. SO CONFUSED! I like Andrea28's idea of not exchanging rings until the symbolic ceremony. We are writting our own vows too. Good luck - let me know what you decide about the legal date.
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