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  1. Hi Ladies!! I am so sorry that it has taken me almost 2 months to post a review since our wedding, but here it is... I hope that it is helpful!! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I was not very active on the site aside from stalking out others and reviews but I know that it through these personal experiences that we all maintain some peace-of-mind and sanity through the wedding planning process:) We were so incredibly happy with our selection of the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos that our entire family is planning a return trip next year to celebrate…again! The resort grounds were absolutely gorgeous. There were maintenance crews that were almost invisible working around the clock maintaining the grounds daily. There were so many restaurants to choose from! Napoli's Pizza was a great afternoon snack, while Arizona's and Schooner's were delicious morning and evening spots. The kids enojoyed Bobby D's restaurant during the day and it was the perfect late night place to grab something after having a few cocktails There is literally something for everyone of all ages on this resort from food to entertainment!! Our party ranged between ages 2-64(some even handicapped) and not one person could find a flaw on this resort. Snorkeling here was absolutely amazing!! Many wish to return just to snorkel again and dive into the refreshing and beautiful waters, it truly was one of the highlights...and included!! My husband and myself also took a kitty katt party boat cruise booked through island routes, for 3 hours it was $180 total for the 2 of us and it was sooooo worth it, it!! The Wedding: Beautiful Beginnings Package Hair/Make-up: My hair and make-up were done by The Red Lane Spa on the resort. I was really apprehensive to have them do it because of all the mixed reviews I had read. BUT Shenique was unavailable so I had no choice! I am really happy that i didn't spend the extra $250 + have to travel to her!! While I was there, they had an independant contractor who has a pretty extensive resume( from doing hair and make-up for many presidents of the United States as well as Calvin Klein and models for fashion shows etc.) She explained that they had just under gone extensive trainings; teaching the Red Lane stylists and make-up artists different techniques. My hair and make-up came out just the way I wanted it to. I took 1 picture of the hair style I liked and just asked them to do their own thing with my make-up. I told them I wanted it to look natural but not so much so that it appeared I had no make-up on. They really did a great job. I did do the trial the night before the wedding. I booked my hair and make-up through my TA ahead of time, and I am really happy I did there were some people dropping in that couldn't be accomodated because there were too many people that wanted services. Location: Schooner's Gazebo Reception: Arizona's covered boardwalk- We did the 1 hour private cocktail reception. The food was amazing! They were really accommodating, rather than set up formal sit-down tables, I asked them to keep the chaises and couches. They did Looking back I only wish we had set the reception out an extra half hour from the estimated end time of the wedding. I was afraid to wait until after the reception for pictures because I was scared my 2 yr old would get stuff on her dress so for the first half hour we were taking pictures. We were allowed to stay as long as we wished, the waiters and bartender just left after the hour. Photos: We did not purchase a photo package, my step father is a photographer and the pictures turned out really good however in retrospect I think I would have either bought a small package through Beaches or splurged for Tropical Imaging! I will be happy to email anyone the pictures that I do have or feel free to add me on Facebook. search: Jessica Emanuel or my email associated with fb is jbacher1@binghamton.edu
  2. Hi!! Congratulations!! I was just married at BTC May 5, 2012. I have absolutely NO REGRETS whatsoever!! It was our first time at an AI. We had 6 rooms altogether and not one person had been to an AI resort. The beauty in AI is that while it may seem more pricey, you actually save a lot of money, because once you are paid in full you literally do not have to worry about money or budgets at all for the rest of your trip. (unless you decide to purchase something from the gift shops). I have really 'particular' parents who arrived before us and I was so scared that I would hear that it did not meet their expectations before I could even get there. They actually called to say "we have been trying to find something wrong with this place for 2 days and there is nothing that we can pick apart or complain about." It was truly the most amazing experience for everyone. People who had originally griped about the price of all inclusive were the same people calling our travel agent to extend their stay a few days. The resort is absolutely amazing, our party consisted of people ranging in age from 2-64 yrs old and everyone had a wonderful time. We were able to connect with our family and friends easily for lunch, snorkeling or beach time but the resort was also big enough where we could feel like we were there alone at times as well. Are you booking w/ a travel agent? I would highly suggest doing so, we started out on our own and then consulted with an agent who had so much knowledge about the resort, the island, and the wedding which reduced the stress immensely! They blocked out rooms for our group, locking in the lowest rates while giving our guests some time to place a deposit, we recieved a free room upgrade and based upon the amount of rooms you have going there are all types of perks that the BTC website does not just offer up. I hope this was helpful. I am a little late at doing so but I will be posting a review today of our experience. Feel free to inbox me ANY other questions you may have!!
  3. Hi and congrats!! We are getting married the 5/5/2012!! Mmb.. Your before us!! It's right around the corner, I still feel like I have a ton to do but the list is dwindling daily!! We are considering our reception on the covered boardwalk over looking the ocean, but will make final decision when we arrive we have 15 guests... Goodluck ladies and again thank you everyone for all of your help and input thus far!! Jess
  4. Hey ladies... I was wondering if any of you have a template for keycard holder inserts. I really just need it for the size... And I can't access the templates posted on here because I have posted 150 posts yet. If anyone has a template that they are willing to share could you please let me know and I will PM you my email address!! Thank you soooooo much!!
  5. Hi ladies!! I need some advice from anyone who can offer it!! 1st: I haven't ordered yet. We leave May 1st for Turks and Caicos... I live in NY andd would like to do the custom suit for my fiancé and am wondering if I still have time. 2nd: My dress is Ivory. I know I don't have time to order swatches but would like to get something that is a light color but not lighter than my dress.... Any suggestions?? Also any suggestions on fit?? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Melissa!! Welcome!! I am getting married 5/512 @ Beaches T&C! It's coming so quick!! This forum and particularly this thread has bounds of info for you!! Best wishes!! ~Jess
  7. Welcome Christina!! I def suggest a travel agent they make things so much easier and you get ALOT of perks that Beaches doesn't make you aware of if you go it alone. It doesn't cost you any extra to go through an agent. The agency I am using is phenomenal and are Certified Beaches/Sandals Experts.
  8. Does anyone have a template for the affidavit or spinster ship and bachelorhood?? Please help
  9. I have found canvas totes 14x16 on cheap totes.com for .89 each!! I plan to use iron on transfer paper to put an image in there or something
  10. I got mine @ Amazon.com....50 holders for 26.00 free shipping... Search "resealable badge holder". I found them through another bride on here and they are really durable and water proof!! Also lanyards at westcoastlanyards.com they are $5 for 10 and a ton of colors!! Hope this helps:)
  11. Thank you sooooo much for clarifying that!! ahhh off to vista print I go!! I cant tell you how many times I have gone there almost placed an order and left bc I just didnt want to pay for something everyone else was getting for free!!
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