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    Also wanting to know how much is typical to pay for a cake do you think? Like how much would you pay?
  2. jeks

    My 2011 Maui Wedding Vendors Reviewed

    Great review, I am excited that we have some similar vendors chosen!
  3. jeks

    Affordable Reception Location/Catering

    I would recommend Food for the Soul, going to do a tasting with them in December.
  4. jeks

    Maui DJ's

    Hi I haven't booked a DJ yet but I have heard that 'DJ Boomshot' is the go to guy.
  5. jeks


    Hi guys, I'm wondering a few things, have you guys heard of Cravings Bakery in Maui? Also, have you guys chosen to have square or round cakes? I can't decide. Lastly, are you getting fondant or buttercream frosting? I've never been a fan of the fondant but I know it makes it look fancier. Thanks in advance!
  6. jeks

    Hair & make up artist, Florist in Maui

    I am going to try to book Jessica Waite for makeup and Dan Sanchez for hair, just from the research I've read on a few forums.
  7. jeks

    Has anyone used Your Aloha Wedding Co

    Hi there, I'm actually speaking with Kara and she seems really great and responsive. Hope that helps.
  8. jeks

    South Side or West Side

    I recommend South Maui as well. Although I've not yet been, I have read that it is less touristy, West is where all the big resorts seem to be. But I think the better beaches are actually in South Maui and as well it's less crowded.
  9. jeks

    Ceremony musicians

    I will probably be going with Jamie Lawrence as well.
  10. jeks

    I need help choosing a wedding planner!

    I think you'll find Cherise to be supremely popular (I tried to book her but she was soo committed already) so I have chosen Kara from Your Aloha Wedding and things are going well so far.
  11. I agree that Grand Wailea would be quite expensive. Have you considered renting a condo through VRBO? Some are quite exquisite and tend to be better deals in my opinion.
  12. jeks

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    I am hoping to be married in May/June of 2012 in Maui.
  13. Hi guys, So I'm in an interesting predicament and would very much welcome some advice. I know most brides have long engagement periods of at least a year and for me and my boyfriend, we want a maximum engagement period of six months. The kicker is that my finger is still ringless but I told bf that I need at least 3 months to plan a wedding and I'm expecting a ring before the end of this year. He's on board with a destination wedding and date wise I think we're looking at late April-early June of 2012. My question is how much can I do during this waiting period. Once I get the ring, I want to be able to press the Go button and have things go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, when I checked with a WC, she indicated that Olowalu is already booked for April so that's why I'm starting to get worried...I can't book a date because I don't know but I don't want to be left with no choices either which is why I have now started to email some WC's which I had avoided doing yet (because it seems a little bit premature and also maybe bad luck!?) Are there things I could do in the meantime? Can I design save the dates, etc? Any advice is much appreciated, I feel a bit like an outsider! :S