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  1. Hello Amanda,I love your pictures...Im getting married there June 23,2012 at 2pm...how ever I was told that our reception cant start untill 6:30pm.Did u have plans for your wedding guest untill your wedding reception started?
  2. Yayyyyhave fun and enjoy....I cant wait 2 see your pic's
  3. Congratz Leahpeah plz share pic's.... Im booked for June 23,2012.
  4. Hello I booked my wedding for June 23,2012 @ Riu in the Bahamas but I have never been.
  5. Hello Beachbride312, You should call the hotel asap,and your STD should be going out to.You need to gave your guest time .
  6. Hello Dom r u geetin married at the Riu to ?
  7. Yayyy hello 2012 Brides..My date is June 23,2012 Riu Bahamas and I cant wait....STD have been sent
  8. Im happy to find a Riu Bride..can u share some detail about your wedding maybe some pic's.I wanted to see more but the pic's on there website is not detail at all
  9. Hello my name is Carla and I just booked my wedding for 6/23/2012. I have never been but heard so many great things,lets share
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