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  1. How expensive is expensive? We haven't officially booked yet but plan to get married the 25 of August of next year.
  2. We had to change the date to the following Saturday, the 25th. Like I mentioned in my 1st post. I have mixed feelings but I am more & more convinced the Roy is the way to go....the beach is so well worth it. Best of luck on your wedding day
  3. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone who has gotten married at the Riu has any advice for me or any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. My fiance and I stayed at the Riu back in Sep. of 2005. We had a good time but did notice a couple of things that weren't really to great about this hotel. For one the pool is rather small. The jacuzzi wasn't hot probably because it spills into the pool. The first night we had one of those ugly rooms that have the ac view, thankfully they were nice enough to switch us to an ocean view the very next day. The other major problem we didn't like at all was that the tower blocked the sun at certain angles at different times of the day. We had to keep moving around chasing the sun!! The beach is wonderful. The water is crystal clear and the sand is nice and soft.I have mixed feelings about having our wedding there.I would really really appreciate it if someone who has already gotten married there helped me figure out what to do. I Thank you before hand.
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