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  1. Yes. We went through Mayte for all of our vendors, and her vendors are (IMO) all the best of the best on the island! She can basically set anything up for you if you ask her.
  2. We had HDC film only the video for our wedding. A video is not something that I originally wanted, but my now-husband convinced me that we would regret not having that memory caught on film...and he was SO right. I am so happy that we decided to get the video, that we can share it with the people who couldn't be there with us, and even more happy that we decided to go with HDC. The communication is outstanding. Although Arnaud did not personally film our wedding, he was super fast with responses (always in the same day, and usually within the hour!) to any e-mail that I sent him. I'm sur
  3. I was wondering if anyone out there has had anyone officate the wedding OTHER than the Legal Judge or Pastor York? We had origannly planned to do a legal ceremony, but our wedding is on November 9th, and the Judge has STILL not confirmed our wedding time... am scared that he will end up giving us a time that will not work with our schedule! We are moving forward with a "plan B", however, Pastor York is also not available on that day and I am really starting to panic as the day is so close! Has anyone else used or is planning to use any other options for the ceremony?
  4. Anyone getting married around this time (beginning of November): Can you please give me a general timeline of when you are having your ceramony, cocktail hour, and dinner reception? What did you put on your invites? I am about to order save the dates for my Nov 9, 2012 at the Jellyfish and I am just looking for a right time to tell the designer who is doing my invitations. I want to be sure that I have enough time for some pictures after the ceramony before the sun sets
  5. Did anyone else find that it was hard to get a reply at the beginning to set a date? I sent a couple e-mails over a week ago and I have yet to hear back from anyone
  6. Hi there I am a makeup artist and I have worked with tons of different brides. Chances are, your skin wont change THAT much when you go away. The way that you skin will react on vacation will be similar to how your skin will react in the summer (so now is the time to try out new products, if you haven't already!)...If anything you will be battling a little more oil (not much) and sweat. For your skin type I'd look for long-wearing semi-matte products that work with your skin NOW...(no shimmer on your complexion....a little on the eyes/lips is ok) and use a good primer for everything.
  7. In the middle of a conversation I had a friend ask me "....before we continure this conversation....I'm in the wedding party right??"....It made me feel sick to my stomach telling her that she wasnt in it....ming you we are not having a wedding party at all (only a MOH and BM) so that at least softened the blow a tad. Ugh....I can't believe some people actually have the nerve!
  8. This place looks unbelievable! I e-mailed them but haven't heard back yet. Can anyone send me a price list for Jellyfish?
  9. Hi ladies! Congrats on your engagements, I hope youre planning is going well! Im actually thinking of staying at the Melia and having my reception at the Jellyfish restaurant as well. Do you know how far the Jellyfish restaurant is from the Melia? And how much is it to rent out the space for a private reception? And you said that there is a $500 decoration fee? Can you tell me what is included in this? I am trying to fins this information on the website but for some reason there are a ton of errors on the page when I am navigating arround it. Thanks!
  10. I know right!!! The way the tulle comes out right below your waist makes you look about 2 sizes smaller Thank you so much for your reply, it made me feel a lot better about making the decision. I may go to a few other dress appointments before I make my final purchse but I will keep you posted! LOL thats was I was thinking too! I will defiantely post THE DRESS once it's decided.
  11. I have tried it on It was the first dress I put on...by the end of the appointment I didnt want to put any other dresses on and ended up putting this one back on! i WILL say..this is a heavier skirt which worries me a bit. I would rather have the dress of my dreams and be uncomforable than buy something thalt I only half love!
  12. i used a very soft makeup brush and toothpaste...and it turns out super sparkly and clean!! Not sure if its harmful! I hope not :S I can't imagine it being much harsher than Mr Clean.
  13. I havent purchased my dress yet, but this is the one that I keep comming back to....a feel like its a little impractical for a destination wedding...but then again, my wedding is NOT THE TIME to be practical! lol I
  14. I use neutorgena untra sheer body mist has an advance sunscreen that covers almost all UVA/UVB rays and it comes in high spf formulas. The mist is super fine and it feel like NOTHING once its on. Non greasy - absolutely gorgeous. I break out on my face from chemical sunscreens so I use the Josie Maran Protect Spf 40 facial sunscreen. It is amazing for my combo skin as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup primer. And only contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as thier sunscreen ingredients...which are advanced ingredients in terms of sun protection and also natural minerals. I
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