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  1. aww, thank you!!! i am esp. proud of that wedding because i had to deal with 2 photographers and 2 video guys so I am SO happy you don't see them in the pictures
  2. that 2nd picture is GORGEOUS!!!!! I think I'll steal that for my own wedding planning!! *drools*
  3. Yes, you can. I did 3 hours for a Bahamas wedding and got a lot in for that amount of time. I started at 3:30 with some shots of the bride getting into her dress, heading down to the ceremony and some shots of just her. Ceremony @ 4, ending about 4:15. After that they did a signing, cake and dance, done around 5. Then did family shots and B&G shots for the remaining time. I also believe we got a little bit of their cocktail hour in there too. And during that time we made sure to take lots of candid shots fo the F&F. I know we turned around a 350 picture gallery so we got a ton in that short time. Def. doable!
  4. I have now done 6 Sandals weddings and have not have a problem with any. My brides will pay for 3 nights room for me and an assistant and it 100% has to be on resort so if any issues arrive, I can at least say, hey, I am a guest here. My last sandals Antigua wedding my bride also hired an outside florist and beforehand told her coordinator in an email, she even had this email printed and in her binder just in case. So, overall, you can get around it. I personally believe if you are paying for their room at the resort, the photographers are well experienced and know how to handle such a situation, you will be fine. My first sandals wedding I was worried out of my mind. The resort photographers took the couple for nearly an hour for pictures and left me with little light in the day. I was able to pull it together for another 15 mins of shooting and got amazing shots. Good luck!!
  5. totally agree! i love the girls who get so apologetic when they bring a suitcase but i LOVE it. Options are good and we can really create some fun ideas. I always say bring more than not enough
  6. girls, if you are hiring a good photographer than DO NOT worry about posing. I tell my girls every single thing to do along the way. I put them into poses and then from there i'll even help with facial expressions, where to put their hands, etc. You shouldn't have to go into a boudoir session and do your own poses but hey, if you practice beforehand, we'll love you even more! i have a ton on my blog if you need inspiration!
  7. also check out angels accents, i believe those are real touch and if they are not than whatever they are, are amazing!
  8. Do it, it's SO fun!! If you girls have a little wiggle room in the budget consider getting a different dress. Davids has the $99 sale or you could always do something like a white cocktail dress. It doesn't have to be your wedding dress if you have to wear it soon after for an AHR.
  9. I know for mine it'll be my MOH and also my MIL. I am sure all the BM's will help but those are the 2 who are taking lead.
  10. here is a wedding i did: http://www.leahaubreyblog.com/?p=696 there are shots of the ceremony chairs, table set up, cakes and cupcakes. the bride opted for her own topper so they didn't do the orchids.
  11. I just got back from shooting a wedding there last week so if you have any questions, ask away! This was my 2nd wedding there and it's by far my favorite Sandals. Both weddings I did there were in the grass areas though. From what I have been told by brides, apparently the coordinators do not recommend a beach wedding there. I am not sure why because it's a gorgeous beach and around 4PM when both weddings were, were not very crowded. I almost wonder if they do this because they don't have to carry around chairs, etc. Anyways, 1 was in the grass and 1 was the gazeboo. Both had cocktail hours at the reflection pool which is a gorgeous spot. My first wedding did a dinner at 1 of the restaurants and my last bride did a private dinner at the reflection pool. I loved the private dinner compared to dinner in a rest. but I also know they charge a lot for that. I don't think you can go wrong either way. My last bride also had a DJ for an hour after dinner which was fun because the nightlife at Sandals at night is pretty tame in my opinion. Here is a couple shots from Antigua, I haven't posted the entire wedding yet so no beach shots yet :/ It was a super overcast afternoon though so no pretty blue that day. http://www.leahaubreyblog.com/?p=764 And here is another sandals weddings with more details on how they set stuff up with their chairs, tables, etc. I think this was their basic package. http://www.leahaubreyblog.com/?p=696
  12. I have done numerous Sandals weddings and you don't need to have your S/O other with you to stay. The last group had a mom/sister, 2 friends, etc staying together. I also stayed by myself at a Sandals once when doing a wedding and wasn't given a hard time. So, it shouldn't be a problem! I'd def. have 2 people in a room though because I think if you do not, you still need to pay for 2 people.
  13. awesome resort! we were just there shooting a wedding but we stayed at beaches sandy bay (don't recommend that one). the beaches negril has an awesome gazeboo area right by the beach which i LOVED!! Congrats!!
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