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  1. If anyone is looking for a videographer, we had our wedding November 10th and hired Ken from Visual Media Productions and he was GREAT!!! I cannot say enough good things about him. And he was way more affordable than all of the videographers that I looked into!! He is a good ol' Canadian boy now living in the Mayan Riviera!! Check out his site: http://www.visualmediaproductions.info/ PS: Our wedding was amazing!!!! The Barcelo Maya Palace can't be beat... Everyone was in awe of the resort and the wedding day went exactly as planned!!! We had 64 guests and it was the party of a lifetime!!! The staff was incredible and the wedding coordinator (Lillian) was the nicest, most organized person ever! Good choice if you have chosen this resort!!! Best decision ever!
  2. I would request Playa Azulejo for both ceremony and reception! We had ours there and it was the most private location. Instead of doing a cocktail hour everyone just went to the bar located at this beach while we did the rest of our pictures. Whatever you do, try and get at least one extra hour for the reception!! It went by so fast and we did four hours!
  3. We have booked Ken from visual media productions as our videographer. He is a fellow Canadian who has lived down there for 14 years and he was great at getting back to me! He is also a lot more affordable than some of the other videographers I was in touch with. The package we got is for 8 hours of filming and he does up a highlight video and a longer video. It is $1,000. Then we will have to pay the $500 resort fee. I would imagine you would have to pay that fee for your photographers regardless of the fact that you are thinking of using the onsite videography... It's all about $$$$! One of our guests is a photographer so she will be taking care of that for us! www.visualmediaproductions.info is Ken's website, he is sooo friendly and will answer any of your questions! I like the quality of his filming and he will edit the videos to however you would like!
  4. For those of you that have had, or are going to have, both the ceremony and reception at play azul, what did your guests do in between the ceremony and reception while pictures were being taken? I heard that Playa Azul is quite far from the Maya Palace (where we are staying). I know that there is a bar close to Playa Azul but heard that it doesn't open until the reception starts... Any advice would be great!
  5. Does anyone know if they charge extra for the "surf and turf" meal? I asked Claudia, my WC, and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. We are going with the strawberry package and have 60 people coming so i hope it isn't extra!
  6. I just purchased 60 16oz stainless steel travel mugs and found an awesome deal online: http://www.ckbproducts.com/stainless-steel-travel-mug-p-969.html I haven't received them yet but I will post some pics and let you know once I do. Shipping to Canada was only 30 bucks for all 60 (came to about 32lbs). I'm also going up get those custom waterproof stickers made off etsy and stick them on each of them!
  7. Hey guys, I remember reading on a post a while back about the Videographer that someone hired who were husband and wife and their review was fantastic. Unfortunately I cannot find that post, would anyone know which videographer company they were referring to??
  8. Thanks! Please let me know how they turn out!! Dec 7th... coming up so fast! So exciting!
  9. I see that most people are going with outside photographers. The ultimate package includes the resort photographer - does anyone have any reviews on the photographer that is included with the package?
  10. Is anyone bringing candles as decoration for the tables for the reception? Are we allowed to do this or do they supply them?
  11. lovvve the parasol idea! very classy and romantic! I google imaged it, check out the second last image on this page: http://prettychicky.com/tag/short-bridesmaid-dress gorgeous!!!
  12. Just wondering if anyone knows how the location on the beach for the ceremony is? I read some older posts saying that the location wasn't the greatest and that they were trying to find a different spot... have they done this yet? I know that getting married on the beach will never be a "private" affair, but I would like it to feel as private as it can! Also, do they comb the beach before the ceremony, to get rid of any seagrass??
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