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  1. Hi! I wore little white calla lilies and they stayed gorgeous in. Other my hair and FI shirt. Also my my mother, mother Inlaws and MOH all Wore larger orchids and they lasted all night into the the next days.... All the flowers were amazing and my wedding was Wednesday and they still looked great Friday. Real flowers in the hair look amazing !!! There is nothing more beautiful than the secrets beach wedding!! More details To follow... Leaving for kauai today.
  2. Thank u! It's so gorgeous here! And the honeymoon sweet!!!!! OMG
  3. Hi, give your self 2 hours for hair and make up according to the spa team:) so book it when u want to be ready. I will be ready at 4 (if all goes well) and my wedding I s at 5:30 . Nicole About to board the plane
  4. That's what I want to do, but my spa apt isn't until 2 and my girls at 3.... so, they won't be ready until 4 neither will I (they allow for 2 hrs) then the wedding is at 5:30. So..... I guess we wouldn't have any "getting ready" pics together right? Pics in the room of the MOH helping me dress etc. I def. wanted to take pics in the mansion (not that the photographer knows that yet LOL and do most/all couples shots before hand,but not sure how long that takes either! When are you getting married KCDawn?
  5. Thanks We leave at 6AM So its actually tomorrow, but we stay in an airport hotel tonight actually have to be ready tonight!!!!!!!
  6. Those of You that have been in the secrets rooms, can you confirm there is a scale? I guess I'm worried about the extra margaritasR
  7. THIS IS SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! -NICOLE Quote: Originally Posted by CriCri This has been my wedding canopy Flowers by Mayan Floral Pictures by Tony Rues and Alex Mel I have just upload some other pictures regarding my flower arrangments on the beach. Write me in private to receive the link.
  8. Thanks KCDawn, I will give them out at ceremony (made tags) so that will not be a problem...THANKS SO MUCH
  9. Thanks so much beachbride2013. It is hard to keep it strait between you and cricir (my most treasured posters:) I have gotten a lot more sleep because of you two. So you basically said I'd like the mexican tapas for cocktail hour for 20 and they decide how much? Was the Mexican tapas sampler from the Silver/gold can't remember which menu?
  10. HI, yes I have its open air near the gazebo for reception this would just be for a casual parents dinner:)
  11. I WISH I HAD 10 DAYS .... only 2 to go until I leave CONGRATS GIRL
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