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  1. I have 30 small turquoise tote bags available. Just posted in the forum.
  2. Our plans changed and we decided to keep things simple and get married in our hometown. I had already purchased items for a DW so now I'd like to pass them on to someone who could actually use them. I'll let you know what the price of shipping is once you've decided what you'd like. Thanks for helping me out Here's what's available: 30 small tote bags (Michaels, with tags)-$1 each 36 Raffia fans (still wrapped)-$1 each 24 "Love is in the air" frisbees (still wrapped) -$1 each 20 Bath & Body Works mini sanitizer bottles-$.50 each Looking forward to hearing from you!
  3. Great idea-I'm planning the same and was so happy to see someone NOT planning a wedding at an all-inclusive resort. I would suggest finding a local travel agent who can send you websites of villa rentals. The island I'm traveling to has tons of vacation rentals, most of them are are around $400 a night for 3-4 bedrooms. Great deal if you ask me, especially if several adults stay in the same house and share the cost. I'm sure you'll find something but I would definitely contact a local person. Many rental places may not even have a website but will send you photos and info if you contact them. Good luck!
  4. We've also decided to get the legal paperwork done in the States prior to leaving. That way it's official and registered and we won't have to deal with all that stuff on our DW. The country I'm traveling to asks future wedding couples to be in the country for at least three business days before they can even apply for the license, then you have to wait another 24 hours to actually get married. So in order to spend more time vacationing and not having to wait, we figured it would be easier to travel as husband and wife but still do our actual "real" ceremony when we're away.
  5. As others have said, it depends on the length of stay, your budget and your guests. I personally chose a completely different route. Since my DW will be in the Caribbean, where many of my relatives are from, I have chosen to rent villas. These villas have 3-6 bedrooms, daily maid service and swimming pool. Yes, guests have the option of cooking their own food or going out to eat. The beauty of staying in a villa is that you are not restricted to certain times (e.g. use of pool) and for those guests who like to drink or store other items to be refrigerated (snacks), having a large kitchen, refrigerator, etc. is more convenient. It's also a great way for guests to just hang out together. It's more of a family/home setting, which we prefer. I am totally not into resorts as I like being among locals rather than as a tourist, but that's just my opinion. I will give guests the option of staying in a hotel, but again, not an all inclusive because I want to keep the cost low. I'm also keeping in mind the fact that guests are already spending at least $500 just to get to the wedding.
  6. No, I think it's totally fine. People will understand the importance of doing a small after-dinner-wedding reception with the closest family members. After all, it won't be considered "the wedding", right? Your actual wedding will be your big day with a ceremony, celebration and honeymoon right after. I am planning on doing something very similar, since we both have a lot of friends who won't be able to come to the DW but whom we'd love to share our experience with.
  7. I personally like the idea of getting married legally here first, then you can forego some of the paperwork at your DW. Afterwards you can just have a small get together at a restaurant for your closest family members, mainly for those who can't go (your grandparents), have a blast at your DW and live it up with friends and those who missed out when you return.
  8. Your photos look great and your's and your mom's dress absolutely beautiful! I'm getting married in Tobago next year so I could use some recommendations. Who was your photographer?
  9. Same here. My wedding is in April and I've already started buying some decor/favors because I like to take advantage of sales. And yes, I agree-whatever I won't use, I'll sell OR give away at my AHR.
  10. Thanks! I'm definitely also trying to save money on invites and buying decorations to take down there.
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