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  1. Don't freak out, don't freak out!!! lol I've got 15 days left and I can't believe I am still holding it together. At least I think I am. Can't vouch for what next week will hold though. OMG!! But yeah, I can feel your excitement. Congrats!!!
  2. Couldn't she just attend as one of your guests and do you hair? I would think that if I chose to go that route that a photographer and/or hair or makeup person would be listed as a guest to help take care of my needs. How can anyone complain about that?
  3. Congratulations!! So excited for you. I am also getting married at Beaches Negril....but I got 20 more days!!! Yay....so I know exactly how you ffel. Hopefully the resort wont be too overflowing with people as a result of the other resorts being closed due to the Hurricane damages. Enjoy your trip to the fullest and congrats again. Look forward to your pics....by that time...i might be out there already.
  4. I suggest you look around for more reviews on that excursion before you decide. Just like reviewing movies, people always have different opinions. My fiancee has already done the zipline canopy and said it was awesome....you should look at the one too!! I'll have to ask him about the Jungle Tubing...don't remember him mentioning that one.
  5. I've been trying to get ready for my up and coming wedding by working on my body for an awesome fit in my dress as well. Like you, i've already been a size I am happy with but wanted to tone up and i wasn't happy with my midsection although my fiancee thinks i'm nuts. Anyways, a friend of mine is a bodybuilder in NYC and has a Facebook Group called Art's Diet and Fitness that has been a Godsend to soo many people. I followed up on other people's successes and decided to follow his diet to reach my own goal. In actual fact, his diet wasn't a diet as I expected at all. It meant changing my terrible eating habits from twice daily to having something 5 times a day with moderate exercise and cardo. (I was killing myself with insanity too when didn't really need to) Anyways....I've lost 5 pounds since August 1st which is about what i wanted to lose to start and I am working on my inches. All I had to do was be disciplined to eat what I was told and eliminate what I was told. Having something 5 times a day was hard at first because i didn't eat a lot to begin with so I was sooo full. Now, I can't wait till it's time to eat something because my metabolism has sped up tremendously. Hardest part for me was eliminating sugar, dairy and flour from my diet...lol I've got 1 month to go and will be slipping on my dress next week to check my fit but people have already commented on the difference they've seen. So....while it's all good to do all these exercise tapes and stuff.....they really wont give you the results you want unless you change your diet. Dieting is 80% what you eat and 20% physical exercise.
  6. Thanks so much. Wish you all the best and save travels for everyone. I know how excited you are. I'm still kinda calm but i know that as it gets closer that I will be a basket case. That, i have no doubt because I am already and overly emotional person...lol Right now, certain songs I have chosen for my wedding have me in tears...lol But yeah....I am trying my best not to worry and stress out about things i have no control over. It's all part of memories right? Enjoy every moment. God Bless. Look forward to the pics.
  7. I am terrified that a storm will affect my wedding and I still have 37 days. I heard that they have already closed Turks till Oct 6 and closed Bahamas till Sept 29. This probably means that Jamaica will be packed with people by the time I get there. I hope not. I pray that the storm is not affecting anyone on here.....the thought of a Plan B scares me.
  8. Unfortunately, keeping who you have will not be an option as of September 30th. Your new WC will be working out of Jamaica and not Miami. If you have not been introduced to your new WC yet it should be happening soon. Lots of changes happening and they are doing their best to handle the transition. It'll work out!
  9. What kind of bug spray did you have? There are all kinds and i wanna make sure that i get one that will do the trick. I've already picked up something called Muskol with deet lotion....but i wanna pick up something else as well for a backup...any suggestions?
  10. Excited is an understatement!!! I sooo can't wait!! And my wedding ceremony is the day before my birthday so its gonna be the best birthday yet!! Trying not to let things I can't control stress me....easier said than done....but other than that....anxiously counting down the days. I've been to Rick's Cafe before....took everything in me to jump off that damn cliff...lol But, i will try to do it again. Has anyone used the Beaches Wedding Website/Registry? I've been using it and updating my blog with all my comings and goings...lol it's been quite fun actually.
  11. OMG!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing. I can't wait to share your pics with a few others that are travelling with me and were curious. The gazebo is totally awesome and I think will be perfect for my dress and heels. Thanks so much. You guys looked great!! Wow!! 48 Days for me!! Did they write their own vows? I've been trying to decide if I should. Are there different types of vows to choose from or do they just use the traditional? Did I mention your pictures are gorgeous? lol Thanks again
  12. Thank you thank you thank you for your input. I am so sorry about the passing of the new husbands mother....that is so sad. I am sure she was there in spirit anyways. I am taking your suggestions and will email by fiancee about making changes to the reception time. Thanks. I'll also have him check on the right bed for the honeymoon suite too...but i'm pretty sure he was on top of that one. He is the one that did all the bookings..lol I am sooo excited. 49 days to go for me!!! Question...where was the ceremony? On the beach, gazebo? I am thinking of doing the gazebo because i really want to wear these nice sexy heels i purchased. lol
  13. Hello, Thanks stluciabound for the info. I am getting married October 6 at Beaches Negril. I've also got a very small guestlist. I'd be surprised if it hit 15 people but i know for sure there will be 10 of us. So, at this point I have booked the Visions in White package with the half hour reception because I figured that there would be so much to do on the resort that we would really just use that time for congratulations and pictures and stuff. Still toying with whether i should change that 30 minutes to an hour. Hoping that we can probably eat together as a group at one of the resort restaurants afterwards. It just didn't make sense to me to pay that extra money for the extra private reception time. Do you know if reservations were made in advance for the restaurant? I was intrigued by what you mentioned about the music though. Because I have been trying to come up with my own list of songs I would like to hear. What did you mean by your friend using a hybrid of a dj? lol And, thanks for clarifying that an Ipod can be used. That's awesome. It would be so much easier to just create a playlist instead of worrying about burning a CD although I will probably do both. Did your friend use their own music for the entire time? I was wondering if i was just supposed to put together a few songs for processional, first dance and reception or if i could actually put together several to play until we are done. I'm excited.....51 days!!!
  14. Hey Honeylime, I was trying to figure the same thing out. I'm actually expecting about 12 people. What i decided to do was instead of putting all that extra cost into a private reception (after all, it is an all inclusive resort), I went with the Visions In White Theme and put my money there....for a reception, I chose the cocktail reception to give us time to take all our photos and stuff. The question really would be about all the little extra's you are thinking of...are any of those extras you are thinking of included in another theme?
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