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    My fiance just ordered his for the bachelor party from True Imprint, paid around $75 for 30 of them site: Custom Koozies, Wedding Favors, Personalized Koozies and coolers
  2. Everything included we are hoovering around 28k right now, hopefully we don't go over that.
  3. I'm going with turquoise and pink... but I'm at the beginning states so it will most likely change
  4. KimP55

    2013 Newbie!!

    Congrats...I am also a 2013 Newbie Bride =)
  5. I'm not getting any pop ups.. maybe it's the ad block plus pop up blocker in firefox...
  6. for my friends sister wedding on Carnival destiny last year the on board spa did the hair for the bridesmaids as well, the bride took her own make up person with her. but the spa did a fabulous job!
  7. Great List, we are thinking about carnival fantasy but your list has opened some more doors for me =)
  8. wow thanks for the info, we were looking at Carnival but your list was extremely helpful!
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