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  1. I'm thinking it's very do-able.  We are getting married at the Moon Palace.

    Out room will cost about $2,000 which is the largest amount.

    I have been looking for cheaper plane tickets...they are going to cost us around $800.  I refuse to pay more...hoping to get less.  (we're from NY)

    We are doing the symbolic, complementary ceremony.

    We are going to do the ipod dock at the reception that's about $275.

    That leaves us with $2,000 for photos decor, etc.

    I"m praying it'll all work out!!!

    Originally Posted by greatbritain View Post

    I'm wondering the same thing rae! That's my "goal" budget for our DW!



  2. There's no 300 fee to do a symbolic ceremony. 







    HI Victoria, if you want a symbolic ceremony let me know so I can cancel the judge and request a minister.

    We do not charge the 300 civil fee because symbolic is not a legal wedding.

    Yes you still have to arrive 3 business days, no blood work require J

    Civil is a legally binding ceremony and symbolic is not legally binding and not documents require.






    Kind Regards,


    Janina Mendoza

    Wedding Sales Executive

    8725 NW 18TH TERRACE, SUITE 301 | MIAMI, FLORIDA 33172


    877.725.4933 Ext. 7622| 305.421.1608 FAX



    Originally Posted by Bride KSmith View Post

    You may want to double check on that. It is my understanding that you pay the $300 either way. If you do the legal ceremony it goes toward the legal fees; if you do symbolic it goes to the minister.





    So I am dealing with TONS of family drama.

    Travis and I got engaged in October 2010.  We had origionally planned our wedding for 5/26/12.  My mother suggested we move it to a closer date and get married in the fall.  We then set a date for 9/10/11.  We were very excited and began to plan, it was 11 month away!

    6 Months before, my father, who said he was paying for everything, ripped the carpet out from underneath us and told us he just didn't have the money and couldn't afford the wedding.  He was also furious that my mother (my parents went through a brutal divorce ( wasn't paying for anything.) This made him change his mind and suddenly, there were no wedding plans. 


    I was extremely upset.  I, of course, went to my mother for guidance.  She suggested we do the destination wedding.  She suggested that we rented a Villa in the caribbean and get married in a chapel.


    More and more weeks were passing and I still had not made a decision.  I tried speaking to my mother about what to do.  I told her that I felt like I had no one to help me make decisions and I felt on my own.  Right away she concluded that this was because of money.  She got extremely mad and stopped speaking to me.  This was in March and she has yet to speak to me.


    In the meantime we had to make some plans.  We decided to go forward to our wedding at the Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico.

    We booked the resort and sent out the invites.

    Because of the short planning, basically no one is coming.  It's very upsetting to know that even with getting an invite my mother can't get over her own pride to congratulate her daughter.


    I also go a nasty e-mail from my sister, who was married at 16 and divorced by 25. 

    She thinks we're making a mistake.  Although we're a great couple she thinks that we are just going to get divorced. And that we are "rushing" into a marriage.


    I am not sure where this is coming from other than the fact that my mother must me talking behind my back.


    Travis and I have been friends for 10 years, we have dated for 4, we own a house together and we've been engaged for just about 9 months right now.  How can your own family members be so jaded at such an important time in someone's life.


    It's all very hurtful....how are any of your handling family wedding drama?

  4. I keep starting up at the gym....then falling off schedule.  

    I also keep stocking my fridge with nothing but healthy foods and....same thing I get off schedule.


    I am having a really hard time getting the willpower thing going! I am so frustrated with it!!

    Originally Posted by sxcT View Post

    There are several brides on here that have had great success with weight loss.


    There is a big group of us doing Insanity.  It's only 60 days and the results are amazing.  There is P90X which is a 90 day program.  But if neither of those are your style I would suggest really cleaning up what you eat and just get moving.  Weight train at least 3 days a week and cardio in between those days.  I'd also suggest walking...everywhere...all the time.  I walk during my breaks at lunch while I am at work.  By the time work is over I've walked 3-4 miles and it doesn't even feel like it.  Then I have the option to go to the gym or not.  :)


    What things are you doing now?  Are you active at all?  How is your eating? 



  5. How much was it going to cost you to do it at home?

    Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

    We did the legal ceremony. We considered doing the symbolic and then a legal ceremony at home, but it would have been more expensive to have a legal ceremony at home. The $300 fee includes all the blood work, paperwork and translation of documents. We paid an additional $14 for a second copy of our marriage certificate. We brought our certified copies of birth certificates, which MP photocopied and immediately returned. They also took copies of passports and tourist cards for us and our 4 witnesses. The blood test was quick and we met a few other couples in the waiting room, so that was nice. We got our marriage certificates by courier about 3 weeks after our wedding.


    I haven't gone to change my name yet, so I don't know how that works. I figured that it probably wouldn't be too different having a foreign marriage cert, and we could always renew our vows locally if it becomes an issue.


  6. THank you! THis is exactly the answer I was looking for!  :)

    Originally Posted by Leigh17 View Post

    Rae12vb -


    We did the symbolic ceremony and were very happy with it.  It's essentially the same as the civil ceremony except you don't have to do bloodwork first (& the symbolic ceremony is cheaper since you don't have to pay for the bloodwork and paerwork). 


    My parents were the only guests that knew that it was not a legal ceremony. It looked and felt like a real wedding ceremony to everyone (including us).  We got married in front of a priest and my parents (& dogs) after we got home, but to be honest, I don't even remember the date of that ceremony because we consider the day we got married in Mexico as our true anniversary. 


    During the ceremony, you and your fiance & the priest all sign a certificate so everyone thinks you're signing a license or something, but it's not a legal piece of paper.  We decided we didn't want to have to deal with the bloodwork, & we didn't want our marriage license to be filed with the Mexican government because if we ever needed an official copy of it later, it seems like it would be much easier to deal with our own local government.


    I would highly recommend the symbolic ceremony.





    Beatyea -


    For our upcoming trip I requested the Mango, Pina, Chile or Toronja buildings in the Sunrise section.  They are all on the side of the Sunrise Lobby closest to the Nizuc section.





  7. August 2011 Moon Palace Brides!!!  


    What photographer are you using?

    How many guests do you have?

    Are you having a reception?

    Is anyone using the resort photographer?


    I feel like I have nothing ready yet !!! It's so close!!

    Is anyone as behind as me????

  8. So it is exactly the same except for the legality of it?  Do you still have to pay the $300 fee?

    Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post

    I think its a matter of choice.  We are doing symbolic ceremony along with the complimentary package so that we can add on whatever we like.  With the symbolic we are not required to be there 3 days before the wedding, however; we are getting there early to get things like OOT bags etc settled.  Our Pastor will marry us before heading to Mexico.





  9. Does anyone recommend the symbolic ceremony over the civil?

    I was just reading a thread where she did the symbolic instead to avoid the blood work etc? (I'm deathly afraid of needles...lol)


    Is it the same package if you do the symbolic?  What's the difference?


    I was thinking that we could just go to the justice of the peace before or after our destination wedding.


    THanks ladies!!!

  10. Yayaya!!!! Congrats!  Don't worry about a thing!  If there's one thing you can't control its the weather!  It will still be perfect!!

    I can't wait to hear all about it!


    Originally Posted by Terpgurl View Post

    OK Girls, I can't believe I am leaving tomorrow! I want to thank all the brides on here for helping me with all my questions and for the support that only another bride could give. I am super excited for my wedding on Sunday and already thinking about how the week will fly by. I am going to have my cousin take all the random pics so I can write a review to pay it forward and to help future MP brides!

    The forecast is kind of bumming me out but what can I do.  I'll try to check in during the week with updates!


  11. Congrats Mrs. Davis!!! Can't wait to see your pictures and read your review!!!

    Originally Posted by Bride KSmith View Post

    Girls, It is the morning after and I am now married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best advice that I can give is to not stress about anything; your day will be perfect! . We did not over plan so we just went with the flow. I am so glad we did becuase perfect is boring. We have memorable moments that I am so happy for. Claudia was my coordinator and I promise she handled everything that I forgot to handle without me even having to tell her. I told DH we owe her our first born lol. Melissa and Johnathan from La Luna were our photographers and they are  amazing to work with. I actually wanted them to stay and party with us. I have so  much info to give you girls but I wont do my review until next week. If you are leaving sooner you can always PM me for info.


    Thank you girls for all your help!!


    -Mrs. Davis


  12. august 23rd.  We're heading down on the 19th!

    Originally Posted by wedblissfor3 View Post

    Wow, okay i will try not to worry. Thank you sooo much. I think I'm just beginning to feel overwhelmed. Everyone on here is so supportive and so helpful:)  I did hear from my Miami coordinator today by phone, which was unusual and she tried to connect me directly by phone to Kalena but with no success. I'm getting married on August 13th, when is your wedding?



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