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  1. Ahhh thankfully we were able to switch the flights.  It only cost me $50 to switch it.


    Now I am working with Marvin.  He just sent me some pictures of sample flower bouquets.  So exciting!!


    I am hoping that he can room with his mother if necessary.  We probably wouldn't have had this problem if we started planning sooner.


     Suddenly more people are deciding to join us!

    It looks like we'll have at least 20 people now!  I'm excited because we just had a few at first!!  I would LOVE if we could have at least 30!!


    Have you summer brides ordered your decor yet?  I don't want to go too crazy for 20 people but I want it to look nice still. I think that I am going to order some chair sashes soon and maybe some fans and umbrellas for the heat. 


    Also, is EVERYONE doing OOT bags??  I am trying to think of something else that I might be able to do that might be creative.

  2. OMG! I just booked my flight today.  I have been searching and searching and putting it off for weeks trying to find the lowest rate.




    I ended up booking one ways instead because I found the rate going down to cancun on 8/19 was cheaper and nonstop but Ididn't like the return flights.

    I found another great deal on onetravel.com  BUT I am and IDIOT!!!!!!!! I booked the return flight from NY to CUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Ahhh I really hope this can just be switched and it doesn't cost me!!

  3. Welcome! And don't stress, just enjoy the planning!

    Originally Posted by kjanda8 View Post

    Finally!! It's taken me about 2 weeks straight of wedding this thread, but I got through it! A BIG thank you to all the ladies that have posted and Congrat's to those brides who have gotten married this year at the MP. I feel as though I know all of you already.


    My name is Kelly and I will be getting married on Dec 5, 2011. I just booked the wedding around 2-3weeks ago. Now after reading this, it looks like I have so much to do!


    SChica - I am an Indian Bride as well!! We will be arriving in Cancun on Nov 30. How long will you be there after your wedding?


    I am excited to be an active user on this site for the next 6 months. Hopefully, I can help contribute to the wealth of information provide on here.





  4. Thank you for this!  I am going to start TODAY!

    Originally Posted by bondgirl0072010 View Post

    Another idea for workouts that are quick but still effective are any of the "On Demand" (Through Verizon Fios) or any other cable provider that has "Watch it Now" options. The nice part is that they refresh the workouts so you don't get (overly) bored doing the same ones day in and day out. Good luck to everyone!


  5. Good for you down 16!! That's wonderful!  Keep at it and you'll be down even more than 27!!!  Nice job!

    Originally Posted by RyGuysBride View Post

    Hi everyone! I just found this thread and I'm so glad I did! (even though I'm not a 2011 bride my date is January 18 2012). I'm trying to get down 27 pounds! So far I'm down 16 and have another 11 to go!


  6. There's really no way that we can rush the RSVPs.  It's unfortunate that people don't get them back on time.  I am guessing we're only going to have about 15 people so I'm not stressing too, too much.  I am not going to spend lots of money on a private event if there's just a handful of people.  I'd rather put all that money in our AHR.  


    Originally Posted by rae12vb View Post

    Who are you using for photography?



  7. Who are you using for photography?

    Originally Posted by kris10kay View Post

    Rae Have you already picked your ceremony/cocktail hour/reception areas?  If not I would def. get on your guests to get those RSVP's in plus if you do want to buy Decor and bring it with you it gives you a good idea of how much to buy! Also with the photographers I did some research a few months back and found a few different photographers that were around $1200-1500 for 6 or 8 hours of coverage. If you can I would try to do to an internet search for someone in your price range (sorry I can't remember exactly who they were, I deleted all my e-mails on accident!!) Good luck with everything and try to relax your getting married in three months!! :)


  8. Okay Ladies the date is RAPIDLY approaching (August 23)!!

    I am sooooo behind!

    We STILL don't have our plane tickets.

    We have no decor.

    I have no photographer booked. ( I'd really like to hire La Luna but they're still pretty pricy compared to the resort photographer.)

    We only have 4 RSVPs back that say YES!


    I'm so frustrated!  I hope this all comes together and I don' tknow what I even need to do first!


    Just venting!

  9. Lindsey, Everything is on the website.  

    The prices are on there too.  Also, use this site.  Everyone is a wealth of information. 


    Also once they give you a wedding coordinator in Miami it will be easier to get answers through e-mail.  I have Janina and she usually answers me by the end of the day.

    Hang in there. It's worth it!


    Originally Posted by aholen View Post

    Package and add on information is on their Palace Resorts website. Let me know if there was something else you needed and I can see if I have it! :)



    Originally Posted by LindseyM View Post

    Man that sucks!  That makes them look really bad.  I want to schedule a site visit but they're making me have second thoughts.  Does anyone have packages + add ons they can send me?  My email is lindsey.costanza@gmail.com


    I am getting bummed, but I will try the Facebook approach because I do think MP is our best choice...



  10. I am also using eggplant and green for my wedding in August.  Do you have any photos?

    Originally Posted by Vallarta_2009 View Post

    My bridesmaids are wearing a really nice dark purple (eggplant) and their having green spider mum bouquets wrapped in purple satin. Most of my table decor is in the deep purple and the green (chartreuse) will be used as accents in the flower arrangements.

    I think both colours will pop against the blue of the ocean and their nice rich colours which gives it an elegant but funky feel.

    If you like it, go for it! Who cares what others think!


  11. YOu are better off choosing the complimentary package because you CANNOT change the packages at all.

    YOu can choose the complimentary at the chapel with a priest.  I believe there's a $350 charge.

    Originally Posted by LindseyM View Post

    Do you happen to have the packages in your email that you could send me?  I can't wait for the coordinator to email me back!!  I thought the online prices with flight and airfare seemed reasonable for my guests, but I only priced this year.  I am going to be working with a TA for them once we book.  


    I am interested in the Catholic package, but do you know if it's customizable?  I would like different colors and flowers..I don't know.  The packages all confuse me!  I'm afraid there will end up being hidden costs.



  12. We're getting married in August and our group rate is $148pp.  We have gone through Vacations for Less.  It was about $6 pp cheaper then going through the resort directly.

    We are actually getting married in NY first (Our home state.) because I chose not to have our marriage license in spanish.

    If you are getting married by a priest in the chapel you will also have to get married first.  The religious ceremonies are not civil and are not legal in Mexico.


    Originally Posted by LindseyM View Post

    I'm considering Moon Palace, basically for the chapel.  Why did you choose it?  What group rate have you been quoted?  The price I ask my guests to pay is basically the most important part for me!



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