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  1. Hi Wedbliss,

    We're getting married in August also!

    Don't worry.  I don't even have a wedding coordinator yet!

    I still don't know the locations or ANYTHING.


    How many guests are you having?  When did you send out your invites?


    Originally Posted by wedblissfor3 View Post

    I was thinking the same thing, because we really don't have that many guests, so we will probably only have one long table as well.   Plus I feel it makes for a more intimate wedding reception which is the reason why we chose a destination wedding in the first place.  We're not sure yet, but we probably won't go the traditional route by having placecards.


  2. I do have a TA but the flight is not included.  Grrrr.....She's flying out of Canada so I'm not sure why it's so different.

    Originally Posted by kris10kay View Post

    Rae The group you have set up, is it through a travel agent?  We are using a TA and airfare is included in the price I told all of our guests. I know some of my guests have found cheaper rates on orbitz and sites like that but my TA keeps telling me the rates will mostly likely drop for us. So if our guests book through the TA at the higher price they receive the difference back if the price drops but if it goes up that doesn't hurt them. And the rates I saw online through MP were slightly more than the rate we were given. Hope this helps some!


  3. My invites are going out today ladies!!

    I hope that I am not too late.  We are sending out 80+ invites and I'm already getting many verbal "we don't have the money" excuses.  

    Looks like it might just be my "immediate family" my FIs family won't fly.



    I'm getting nervous now!!


    We wanted a beautiful beach wedding and to avoid all of the family drama we were having here BUT we wanted SOME people to come!!!

  4. Yay! Congratulations!  Can't wait to hear about it!!!

    Originally Posted by Bride KSmith View Post

    Okay Ladies, they worked out the room situation.They moved us to a room in the same bldg that has a king size bed. It also has an ocean view (very rare in the Grand Section). The room is perfect. I am so happy. They did mess up our room block. Our guest are spread all over each section but it isnt that big of a deal (none of our guest really care about stuff like that).


    We had our welcome dinner today. Afterwards we went to the fire show and nightcapped at the disco! We had a great time and I am so exhausted. I am glad my wedding is not until 6pm tomorrow.


    Tomorrow is the big day. I would have never made it without you guys. This time tomorrow I will no longer be Bride KSmith, I will be Bride KDavis!!


  5. Mocha , did you write a review yet? I can't wait to see and hear all about your wedding.

    Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

    Yes, the light is still how they decide who to search. You should be fine but it might be a good idea to split things between you and FI. I think you're only allowed to bring $300 worth of gifts.


    It was pretty easy getting in the carriage. But the steps are super small so getting out is tricky. I did trip a little and you can see it in the video.


    I think you should ask to be assigned to someone else. She'll probably be running from your wedding to the next one, so at least yours is first. She will be able to handle both, but I'm surprised they are so close. Your ceremony will be just ending at the time she is supposed to go to the other bride. And yes, she will only show up 15-20 minutes before your ceremony. Don't worry, you will get to your wedding on time.


  6. Isn't it true that if you book $75+ nights you get the private party for FREE???


    Originally Posted by jcoke View Post

    Hey ladies, I am very close to finalizing my booking rooms.  I am working with destinationweddings.com for my TA.  At first I was excited but somewhere in the middle I got nervous and was wondering if I made the right choice.  In the initial stages I got a group contract signed with DW that was approved by MP.  The prices that I have are better then what i've seen on expedia, priceline and even the MP website.  And I was also able to get the transfers to and from the airport included in my prices.  I have been keeping track of all my guests and who has booked to ensure that I have my 75 nights or 25 rooms.  According to my calcualations I have 82 nights but from all the posts, I am going to TRIPLE check that so I'm not short 5 or so day.  I am planning on the unlimited events so to have to pay $400/table would totally suck since I have 53 folks booked. 


    I am also going to ask my TA to request the sunrise side and to make sure that that section has a lot of double beds.  Most of my guests are aren't couples so I wouldn't want 2 guys to be stuck sleeping on a double/queen bed!


    Well i'll let you all know how my final booking turns out. 


  7. THanks!

    Originally Posted by Terpgurl View Post

    We had 3 payments. The first payment is the cost of one night. Then 2nd payment was 50% of the charges due minus the initial deposit and third payment was the remainder 50%. Teresa, let my guest make payments in between if they wanted to break out the payments. I am not sure how she came up with the schedule but my wedding is May 29th, the 1st payment was due when you book and I had my booking available back in October. The 2nd payment wasn't due till Feb and the third was due in April.



  8. Terpgurl,

    Do you remember how often your payments are due for your guests that are booking directly though your group?

    Originally Posted by Terpgurl View Post

    I have Kalena, same slow to respond and when she does she's very apologetic. I almost feel bad bothering her b/c I know she's busy with other brides. Overall she got everything booked that I wanted pretty early on and even called me once to go over the details and send me a follow-up email. I hadn't heard from her since mid April but she emailed me last night and pretty much she is aware of my updates and we're all set to meet next Wednesday:-)



  9. UGH!!! Limits! I was unaware of this!!!!

    Originally Posted by Leigh17 View Post

    The regular green fees are $260 ($160 if you play after 2:30).


    Here's a link to all the golf pricing:



    You can't use Resort Dollars to pay for shoes or clubs, so if they're not bringing their clubs, they'll have to pay out of pocket for that.


    Yes, you can use the $1500 towards hair & makeup (but it will come out of the $300 Resort Dollar limit on spa services). 




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