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  1. Hey ladies!

    Has anyone set up a wedding website yet?

    I am looking into setting one up so that my guests can find a way to view the resort and have all of their info in one location.  

    If you have one do you mind posting it or PMing me so I can check it out!


  2. As for the $1500 resort credit.  My FI and I are considering using it towards one of the packages.  I am trying to see what is the most economical for us.


    My FI is concerned that he will not be able to play golf if we do this.  Does anyone know the golf rates?  Since many of his groomsmen will be getting a $500 credit he was hoping that everyone would be able to play a round of golf.


    Also, I know that I have asked this before but I am still not sure that I have gotten a response.  Can I use the $1500 credit toward my hair and makeup that day?


    Thanks ladies!!!

  3. Hey Brides to be!

    Other than this amazing website what tools have you used to research your destination wedding???


    I have never been to a destination wedding AND I know NOTHING about them!!


    We are getting married at the Moon Palace Resort on 8/23/11!

    We can't wait!!!!!!!!


    Anyone have any other resources, or planning tools that they care to share?

  4. Hi Everyone!

    I just booked our wedding at Moon Palace for August 23, 2011!  

    We are so excited!!


    I am not sure how many of our guests are going to be able to make it down there but I am hoping that we get a good turn out.


    I have a few questions after reading many of these threads.


    1.  If you want to dance and have a good time at the reception would you still choose the ipod dock? Or would you pay the $1400 for the DJ?


    2.  Can you use the $1500 towards a photo package?


    3.  I am sooo confused about how the reception, arrival dinner, rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, etc works?

           -What do you recommend out of these?  How much extra are each of these?  


    4.  Does anyone know a site for real looking FAKE flowers that they can bring?  I have heard that MP's flowers are pretty pricy and I was hoping for a cheaper route.


    5.  Does each guest also get the $1500 vacation points? ( I had heard that this was given to anyone as long as they are staying for three nights.)


    6.  So far I have a contract sent to me that I still have to sign.  Is there anything that I should add/change in my contract before I sign it?


    7.  When is all of the money due?



    Lots and Lots of questions.  It's so wonderful to have a go to site like this!  The wedding consultants in Miami are so difficult to reach!!


    Happy Planning Everyone!!

  5. We are in the beginning stages of booking our wedding at the moon palace resort for August 23rd. So far I have the date and time reserved. I am soooo confused because the staff is Miami is extremely difficult to reach. Everyday I have new questions that arise. I am torn because we are given the $1500 credit. I booked the complementary package but I am not sure if I should have put this towards one of the other packages. We decided to do the destination wedding because we thought that it would be cheaper but I am now seeing that there are lots of hidden fees. How much do you think it would cost to have a decent pretty wedding with a decent reception after? They are asking for a number of rooms to reserve but I am not sure what to say because I have not yet sent out invitations. If someone has done this and I was trying to keep costs low please share your experience! Just wondering everyones thoughts and experiences. Thanks!

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