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  1. Ahhh thankfully we were able to switch the flights. It only cost me $50 to switch it. Now I am working with Marvin. He just sent me some pictures of sample flower bouquets. So exciting!! I am hoping that he can room with his mother if necessary. We probably wouldn't have had this problem if we started planning sooner. Suddenly more people are deciding to join us! It looks like we'll have at least 20 people now! I'm excited because we just had a few at first!! I would LOVE if we could have at least 30!! Have you summer brides ordered your decor yet? I don't want to go too crazy for 20 people but I want it to look nice still. I think that I am going to order some chair sashes soon and maybe some fans and umbrellas for the heat. Also, is EVERYONE doing OOT bags?? I am trying to think of something else that I might be able to do that might be creative.
  2. Does anyone know how to access the IO workouts? I thought that I had read that they were "on demand" but I can't seem to find them ..
  3. This makes me worried. I e-mailed him last night about prices and I heard RIGHT back from him. Then it seems like he has no follow through.
  4. Did anyone have to handle dealing with people saying that they can't come because they are only a "single." We have about 25 people going and my fiancees brother is trying to back out because he has no one to room with.
  5. Ahhh thank you! It feels great to check things off of the to do list!!
  6. OMG! I just booked my flight today. I have been searching and searching and putting it off for weeks trying to find the lowest rate. WELL I ended up booking one ways instead because I found the rate going down to cancun on 8/19 was cheaper and nonstop but Ididn't like the return flights. I found another great deal on onetravel.com BUT I am and IDIOT!!!!!!!! I booked the return flight from NY to CUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh I really hope this can just be switched and it doesn't cost me!!
  7. Great review! So glad I finally got a chance to sit down and read it! Such great details! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thank you for this! I am going to start TODAY!
  9. Good for you down 16!! That's wonderful! Keep at it and you'll be down even more than 27!!! Nice job!
  10. Did you ladies have or are you having a wedding shower? My bridesmaids aren't sure what to do.
  11. There's really no way that we can rush the RSVPs. It's unfortunate that people don't get them back on time. I am guessing we're only going to have about 15 people so I'm not stressing too, too much. I am not going to spend lots of money on a private event if there's just a handful of people. I'd rather put all that money in our AHR.
  12. Okay Ladies the date is RAPIDLY approaching (August 23)!! I am sooooo behind! We STILL don't have our plane tickets. We have no decor. I have no photographer booked. ( I'd really like to hire La Luna but they're still pretty pricy compared to the resort photographer.) We only have 4 RSVPs back that say YES! I'm so frustrated! I hope this all comes together and I don' tknow what I even need to do first! Just venting!
  13. I remember reading it somewhere too but we are being charged $23 for a round trip transfer.
  14. Try looking on Tuesday at 3? Everything says that that is the cheapest time to buy airfare. Also, try onetravel.com I have found that they have the cheapest rates. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy on the weekends. They raise the rates.
  15. I just noticed that the prices on American Airlines went down. From NY in August it's about $300-$350
  16. Lindsey, Everything is on the website. The prices are on there too. Also, use this site. Everyone is a wealth of information. Also once they give you a wedding coordinator in Miami it will be easier to get answers through e-mail. I have Janina and she usually answers me by the end of the day. Hang in there. It's worth it!
  17. I am also using eggplant and green for my wedding in August. Do you have any photos?
  18. YOu are better off choosing the complimentary package because you CANNOT change the packages at all. YOu can choose the complimentary at the chapel with a priest. I believe there's a $350 charge.
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