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  1. what is everyone planning for rehearsal dinner?//past brides what did you do for rehearsal?
  2. how much were your flowers from marvin? how did you get in touch with him? what a beautiful wedding you had! i am glad everything worked out for you!! <3
  3. Does anyone planning have Elsa and contact her through basecamp? I have sent her a few messages within the last two weeks and havent heard back from her...Anyone know what's going on or what I should do to get in touch?
  4. do you have photos/review?? i am getting married 9/1/12!! its coming so soon and i feel like i havent done anything yet!!
  5. I am so upset! My non-stop from Newark to Cancun (end of August-early September) on Continental has been cancelled, and changed to a flight with a layover on United. Luckily my TA got us our money back and we have changed our flight to non-stop on JetBlue out of JFK. A little annoying but it was around the same price ($525 RT)...I haven't seen these prices move much since I started looking about a year ago. If you go on bing.com it recommends if you should wait to purchase or buy now. It's a pretty useful tool! Good Luck!
  6. September 1, 2012!!! Any other September brides?? Does anyone know about an equipment rental fee if you bring your own DJ? I have a friend that DJ's from NY that will be attending, but he obviously won't be traveling with his own setup...
  7. why are your friends staying elsewhere? this doesnt seem fair or right! are you using a travel agent? oh man, my wedding is still 10 months away, but im worried the same thing could happen to us!!
  8. I am so excited to announce, I am a September 1, 2012, Gran Caribe Real, Bride!! I actually just changed my whole wedding (and retrieved deposits) from a Majestic Colonial, DR wedding. I am so much happier with what Cancun has to offer, and I am in love with GCR.
  9. hi! just wonderin, if your bouquet silk flowers? do you only have one? how much?
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