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  1. I will let you know how the resort is! We ended up deciding to get married elsewhere for a more private setting, plus since we couldn't come to an agreement on the outside vendor thing. I figured if I am going to spend an extra $1000, I might as well spend it how I wanted to I am still looking forward to staying at the resort, though.
  2. Thank you both! I had fun making it. I used it on my RSVP postcards, brochures, and luggage tags. I may use it on the OOT bags too.
  3. Thank you both! I had fun making it and used it on my brochures and RSVP postcards. I may use it on the OOT bags too.
  4. Hi Guidance! Thanks for the post. I am thinking about moving my wedding ceremony and reception to Kukua after being frustrated with the WC at our resort. Plus, I like the idea of having a more private wedding, since my fiance and I are very private people. Can you give me some more info on the decorations and what is included? I have already purchased things like chair sashes and vases for my flower center pieces. What all did they end up providing for decor or did you do any of it yourself and how much did it cost? I saw it was $500 on their brochure but didn't know what that included. Also, how much did things like flowers and a cake end up costing you? Do they have speakers you can rent? I don't want to do a dj, since it is a small group of us. We just wanted music for our ceremony and first dances. Then we put a play list together for the rest of the time. It looks like I will be doing some last minute planning, since our trip is booked from one month from now. I hope they have my date available!! Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I didn't get anything about outside vendors when I originally booked. I am going to go back and look over. Maybe I can get it waived. It sounds like a new policy that was not in place when I booked last year. Everything else is going good, so far that is the only hiccup. I chose the Excellence of Love package (silver). Thanks again for your help!
  6. Hi EPC Brides! I need your help! I am getting Married March 2012 and have been doing some coordination with Griselda. I am using Julia Eskin and her husband as my photographers. I just got an email from Griselda saying that I was going to have to pay $500 for each of them to be allowed to come into the resort and do my photography!!! That seems absurd!!! I thought I was only going to have to pay the day pass for them. How is this possible? Has anyone else come across this or used an outside photographer other than the preferred vendor, photosouvenir???? I have no idea what to do about this, other than maybe book Julia a room at the resort for one night. That would be cheaper than paying the resort $1000. Any suggestions???
  7. I just stumbled upon your video, and your wedding is exactly what I have been dreaming of! I am doing grey and yellow for my wedding with pops of turquoise and going for a kind of vintage look. Thank you so much for sharing! Your wedding looked amazing!
  8. Hi! I am getting married March 2012 at Excellence! Does anyone have any recent pictures of their wedding? I want to see a typical ceremony setup and reception setup on the beach. All the pictures I have seen are before they built the new arbor. Also, we are going to have a decent size wedding party (8 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen) and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is plenty of space for them to stand up there with us and if the WC schedules a time to do a rehearsal. I have seen things about a rehearsal dinner, but nothing about and actual rehearsal happening. Thanks!!
  9. Hi! Thanks for answering all those questions! I had all the same ones. I do have an additional question, though, when you say they provide the ceremony music....what music is it? Do we select the music or do they have a standard they play and is it instrumental or a cd type? Thank you!
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