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  1. i recently ordered the favor boxes that i will be using on my wedding. i just love its heart shaped window. I'll be using a brown version of this box and I will add a beautiful green bow on top. found this adorable box at http://www.givefavors.com/favor-boxes/
  2. our would be september. i just love fall colors and the weather is perfect for me.
  3. both dresses are very beautiful. your wedding dress is simple yet very elegant looking. you and your BMs will surely look great in it.
  4. i think guests will be smart enough to dress appropriately on a beach wedding but to make sure you can include a "beach formal attire" or cocktail.
  5. #1 and #2 looks beautiful. but maybe you can make #1 a little bit higher so that it can stand out and won't be drowned with the table setting.
  6. i love the color green and it will definitely be the dominant color. as i have observe, green and pink or purple works great together but i don't like colors on the magenta side so I am thinking of pairing green with brown or shades of blue.
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