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  1. Did everything work out with the maracas?? I want to order mine but it seems fishy!
  2. i am looking for the flight and the hotel accommodation for our guests
  3. Hey has anyone had any luck booking a wedding for $1500 or less at an all inclusive in the domincan?? (In a good resort) I was thinking february, march, or april
  4. I am hoping to plan my wedding without bringing a photographer. How is the photographer at the resort?
  5. If your brave enough I waited last year until August to buy my husbands suit from Le Chateau. We ended up getting a really good deal and for his pants jacket and shirt it came to $150. Also I will check at home for you but I think I do have the swatches for the $99 suits and I don't mind sending them on to you if that is what you are looking for.
  6. Yummy rum punch I didn't even think of that.... Also the grey hound is a very good drink thats basic and easy to put together. I don't know why I couldn't come up with ideas, I think it may be the weather here with its none stop rain its not very inspiring to plan a summer party with!!
  7. So my Sunday afternoon tea/sandwich reception has now turned into a Saturday afternoon/evening/set up a tent kinda of event. We are expecting around 100 people are doing a big chick & rib backyard bbq. We have 60 bottles of wine and two kegs but just need to figure out what types of cocktails we want to have. We have no one catering the event so we are hoping to make up big batches that people can help them self to but don't want to just leave vodka & rum out for anyone to help to them self to. Can anyone help me with some summery yummy concoctions that can be made prior to the event??? We were married in Cuba but all I can think of for drinks from there is mojitos and pina colodas and mojitos I think might be to much work and we don't want to do frozen drinks so those are out to....
  8. Such a great help!! I've been trying to figure out exactly what I want to do for my AHR invites and these are defiantly right up my ally! For the business card did you have her design it on etsy and then you just copied it to VP or did you design it yourself right on VP?
  9. These are the same as mine they are such great dresses!! Nope from a local bridal store but if you go to there website they have a store locator on it.
  10. I had the same inspiration as you! and this was me on the day. I love how your hair turned out by the way soo pretty and spot on from that picture.
  11. Our plane never did fill up in the end but the resort was fully booked by February. Also it was spring break for BC and ON and the newest and most popular resort in Cuba at the time. Also its hard to say with a TA I can see their point of not wanting you to be disappointed but I really highly doubt that it would be booked up full at this time you are still 10 months away. I would say the average person just going on holiday wouldn't even start to look until September. Have you thought about contacting one of the lovely TA's on this site they might have a better idea and be more realistic with you.
  12. Well depending on what type of resort your choosing would be a factor but if it is a typical large all inclusive resort I don't think you have to worry about the rooms being sold out this early. Also if you have chosen a resort see if your able to put down a deposit to hold your wedding date but make sure it is refundable. I initially had chosen Dominican Republic and had put down a deposit at a resort and everything and then ended up changing my mind and going to Cuba. The first resort had no issue with refunding me and then the one in Cuba didn't even require a deposit. Also not to sure what country you are in but I know in Canada a lot of the vacation suppliers offer a one time price drop up to 60 days before departure. So as much as I know how hard it is to wait to book I think I would if I was you at least for a month and see where the prices go. Also try out different TA's. I managed to get a way lower rate from an online booking site I then took that rate back to my TA and gave her the option to lower her quote to me which she did happily or I would move on to someone else. It saved me $150pp! Sorry to ramble and I hope this helps I just know that this part was probably the most stressful for me because I just wanted to get everything booked and settled!!
  13. I had my wedding in Mar 2012 and I started to look for prices back in Mar 2011 and the prices were so high! I ended up booking at the end of June and we got a great deal and I never once saw the price go lower! So my advice would be wait until June and hopefully then they will have the early booking deals up and you will find a much better rate.
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