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  1. Thanks mllek1986! Yes we checked with the resort and they don't have a transfer service that they provide. It's kinda strange they don't. I thought the same as you. I'll check out the website you gave and see what I can find.
  2. Hey Ladies hoping you can help. We are trying to hire a driver to take our guests to and from the airport and resort. The quote we got is crazy high and I can't imagine we couldn't get something a little more competivite. Have any of you hired drivers for your wedding? How did they do? Could you post their contact info. Thanks!
  3. Thansk for the info!! We are doing the sound stange but don't need the dance floor. I'll just have to see what I can negoiate. I agree 100% i don't want to be messing with an Ipod. I want to enjoy our night... and my dress!!!! haha
  4. Hey ladies curious as to what everyone is doing for music... the DJ seems really expensive to me. $690 for 3hrs... Did anyone find an outside DJ? or maybe do their own music.
  5. I just got my shippment from Amols.com and have to share!! The maracas came out great!! Even better than I expected. They have been amazing to work with and any one looking for maracas is crazy not to use them!! I got the large ones for $1.95 a pair.
  6. Just have to share! I just got my maracas from Amols!! They are wonderful!! I love them. Anyone looking to get maracas for their wedding or party should use them!! Plus at $1.95 a pair for the large ones it's a steal!!
  7. We are going back and forth on the same thing now too. I know you can ship to Mexico a friend of mine plans corp events in Cabo all the time and does it. BUT I'm freaked out still there are too many what if's. Plus considering it is $20-50 for an extra bag on the plane might just be cheaper to take it on the plane with you depending on how much the shipping is...
  8. Yeah that's pretty crazy and concerning!! If I hadn't already booked I would be looking into diffrent resorts. Saying a prayer and crossing my fingers it works out okay. Does anyone have the email address for the wedding coordinator taking over? If you could post or message it to me that would be wonderful!
  9. Yes.. That quote does include all the blood work etc.. I think we may do the same thing. Legal paperwork here in AZ before we go. I was looking online and it looks like it will cost $100 total. Plus I have two friends who were married in Mexico in the past 3 years. They are having one heck of a time getting their passports corrected to their married names because their weddings were in Mexico.. I like the idea of saving $300 that could cover the cost of the bonfire I have been wanting. lol Thanks Sarah for the info!
  10. Hey Dreams Ladies - Question for you. I'm being quoted $395 for the "Legal Cermony" op top of what I am already paying for my wedding package. This seems really expensive to me. Did any of you do the legal cermony and get these additional charges? FI and I are thinking of just getting legally married here to avoid the hassel and excessive charges? What did you do?
  11. Yes that is the color too! I'm trying to do something a little bit diffrent. Should look really nice on the beach with a great tan!
  12. Just checking with people to see if anyone has a coupon code for Oriental Trading. I'm thinking about getting a few things from there! They have such great deals!
  13. Super excited got my Brides Maid dresses this weekend and i'm totally in love with them!!! Now to start working on the OOT bags! Wish me luck!
  14. Super Cute i love it!! I'm going shopping for my girls this weekend!!
  15. Sarah everything looks great! I'll be there the end of Oct for my wedding. I love your pre wedding brochure! I may just have to snag your idea. Congrats on your wedding.
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