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  1. I highly recommend Dean Clarke. We paid about $1800. He showed up at about 2pm (4:00pm wedding) and stayed til at least 8-9pm to cover our reception. We love the images and we got the full rights to our pics. He's got a website if you google dean clarke photography and I have a post with some of the pics he took here :http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/72888/villa-weddings-brides-jamaica/70#post_1809088
  2. Hi - sorry for the pic heavy post but just wanted to share a small sample from our destination wedding in Ocho Rios this past July. We did all the planning ourselves and relied on friends/family to assist with the day-of coordination. Our wedding was perfect for us and our small group of 50 and we were delighted to stay close to our budget (airfare, accomodations, rings and wedding) were all under $12K Having a villa wedding allowed us the freedom we wanted to make our day our very own and to not completely bust our wallets. Our vendors were also extremely accomodating.
  3. Getting married in less than 4 weeks! Cant wait.. will post pics Ive decided to go with Dean Clarke for photos. Raschel Edwards for Makeup and Miss T's Kitchen for Catering. They've all been pretty great to deal with via phone/email.
  4. Anyone have a source or can point me in any sort of direction? Ive got most of my major details sorted. My fiance has made all the playlist for our music. We just need speakers! Im wondering what it would cost to rent some speakers down in Ochi vs. Buying a couple outdoor speakers fr. Brookstone in the States and transporting? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I'm having a villa wedding Fri 7/27/12 in Ocho Rios. Are there any Ocho Rios brides out there who are getting married around that same time? I've received quotes from a couple of photographers and am wondering whether we can join forces to increase our bargaining power. If a photographer can be guaranteed 2-3 weddings instead of one I think they're more likely to be receptive to lowering their overall price. Please contact me if you're interested in approaching a few good quality photographers. Thanks!
  6. CatererBride - Congrats! Your wedding looks amazing. Our wedding colors are the same- I can only hope my day is as beautiful as yours was! I also considered sky lanterns but was worried that it may not have been legal (read they're not recommended near airports..apparently there is a small airport in ochi??) I've been in touch with a caterer in Ocho Rios but was wondering if you had your chef's contact info/menu selection/ price range? Also- did he provide the tables/linens? Any help would be appreciated (You can PM me if you'd like). I still have til next July, but can feel the stress creeping in. Aren't you thrilled to be done with all this and enjoying wedded bliss ? Thanks!
  7. Any Summer 2012 Brides getting married in Ocho Rios? I plan on bringing down a bunch of paper lanterns and using them for my reception. Wondering if anyone wanted to purchase them after? My colors will be White, Green and Turquoise. Wedding date = 7/27/12
  8. I'll be getting my spices at the supermarket once I land. All the local flavors/spices are super cheap there. I'll have pre-made the little favor cards/labels and will just tie them on with a piece of Raffia. I'll be doing mainly jerk seasoning, pick-a-peppa sauce/etc. Also thought about maybe doing Guava Jelly/ Hot pepper Jelly, local items like that . Most of my guests arent jamaican and I think they'll really enjoy them
  9. PLEASE DONT order GRATER CAKES before going down.. unless u get them shipped within a day or so. Those are SO easy to find at any bakery..and are not nearly as delicious if they are stale. They are pastries and are not meant for long term storage. Seriously, stop at a supermarket or bakery and pick them up.
  10. Im doing Jamaican spices/ hot sauce/etc as my favors. We'll set up a couple of different types so ppl can choose . I anticipate it costing under $1.50 per favor
  11. CB, here is Miss T's info.. along with my menu/quote from her. You may well be right. I'm thinking in real world terms (how much it would cost to cook the meal) vs. the catering world. Bear in mind, Im getting married at Stone Harbour Villa in Ocho Rios - so your transportation costs may be more. I have an email attachment with her hireage fees for tables/chairs/etc if you want it. I suggest calling the store and then sending an email. She got back to me within a day or 2. Good luck finding a vendor! I'm gonna check out Marcia for photos. Are you using a florist? I was thinking of just picking up flowers at the big market in MoBay. But, I'd like a chuppah and am wondering what the charge is.. Anyway - here is that info.. Tell her Toni sent you!! Anna-Kay Tomlinson MissT's Kitchen 65 Main Street, P.O. Box 36, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. TEL : (876) 795-0099 FAX : (876) 974-5911 EMAIL : MissTsKitchen@gmail.com Appetisers Curried Ackee Wontons with a spicy sorrel sauce Crab and Saltfish Cakes with a fruit salsa Bar-B-fried chicken Wings Mini Festivals Dinner Curried Goat Escoveitch Fish Fillets Jerk Chicken with a tamarind sauce Rice and Peas Garden salad Plantains baked with cinamon and rum Price $ JA 2000 per person Please give me your thoughts and let me know how we can work together to make your wedding day extremely memorable. Regards Anna-Kay (Miss T)
  12. Lawd a Mercy! I am so happy to find this thread! I'm trying to plan my wedding for July 2012.. I've booked a villa and have been in touch with a few vendors. I contacted Miss T's Kitchen and she quoted me $23 USD for curry goat, jerk chicken, ackee wontons, etc. Real simply local fare. That $23 seems exorbitant, but unfortunatley my mother had called her and used the word "Wedding" so I think I've been quoted "wedding" prices. A big plus with Miss T's, though, is that she rents the linens, tables/chairs, etc. and they are the lowest prices I've seen, so it may work out. AMB - How much were you quoted by Caribbean Pantry? Would you mind sending me their price list? CatererBride - did you get a quote back from Island Deli? Also,how much is your photographer? I'm debating whether to bring a photographer down with me. As for Lighting - Im bringing down paper lanterns and will be using LED throwies to light them ( I didn't even bother looking into lighting costs, b/c I'm sure they are insane!) What Villas are you guys having your weddings at? It seems like most of the brides on here are going the Resort route - which is nice.. But frustrating because those doing stand alone villas and trying to plan by themselves don't have as many resources or people who have been there before. All the best girls!
  13. There are alot of jamaican candiesi cant think of too many right now) It should be easy enough to make a trip to a supermarket and browse the candy/ sweetie aisle. Every major area has a big supermarket. And they r cheap! A couple unique candies : Ginger chews, Coconut drops, Tamarind Balls, Bustamante Backbone, Paradise Plums I say u head to the store n browse
  14. Catererbride - I did some research and found a couple of good vendors (this is from stateside, so I havent tasted the food, but saw good reviews) One was Miss T's Kitchen (she also rents tables/chairs/etc for much cheaper than some of the hireage places quoted me) and the other was Carribean Island Pantry (they have a website and a whole page with vendors for chairs/tables/flowers/etc). Carribean Island Pantry seems like a bigger operation. I perused their site, got a quote, then went to Miss T's and asked her is she could work with me (she's just starting up her catering business) Lemme know if u need anymore info . I'm not gettin hitched until next July but because Im doing EVERYTHING myself Im allowing for plenty of time. Good luck!
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