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  1. Hello Catererbride! I'm so glad that your wedding was so amazing!! You have to give details!! I am looking forward to your pics! Its coming down to the wire for me and I'm starting to get nervous. Can't wait to hear and see the details of yours! Take care
  2. Hi Catererbride! I just sent you a reply but I don't think you received it. I was saying that I was second guessing Marcia for a while and that usually means I'm going to change my mind which I did. Noida Cooke is making my cake. She is in Mobay. And she is on facebook so you can view her cake designs. Still looking for a videographer. Do you know of any?
  3. Hi Catererbride, I just looked at what you said you were paying for your photographer!! 3k! Those pics better come out looking great! LOL!! I actually decided to change from Marcia to Duane Wittaker. The name is very close to your photographer, and he does a good job from his website and the average package is around $1000. So check it out. And he includes pre-wedding sessions. And you will be there a month before your wedding. Just a suggestion... Good luck girl!
  4. Hi Catererbride, I'm going to be down there around the same time as you! I was going at the end of July, but my fiance had to pull out due to work. Need to meet with Natalie and other vendors and the pastor. It is exactly 5 months from now for me. But you are so much closer! I wish you so much luck and love. The keyboard player is $200 US. I would love to find out about getting a couple of casino tables. Could you provide me the info on who you went through and what the cost is?? That is such a good idea! But only if its in the budget (Like I'm not already over the budget!!) LOL! I feel like there is not enough time. I only ordered my dress a couple of weeks ago. About to order the veil and my shoes this weekend. Dress does not get shipped until the end of October. You know I'm pushing it! And my fiance is such a snail. LOL. I have to threaten him from time to time to get him to do the very little he needs to do (Provide his guests info, look at tux, etc). Thinking about a short honey moon to barbados or cayman or curacao, but getting from Jamaica to one of those islands is alot more expensive than I thought!! Anyway, I will be consulting all of you more often as time passes by. I'm starting to feel the pressure a little. You may want to contact Debra Barrett at Scissors Salon in Negril. She owns that salon and they are mobile. I'm going to look around the local area for a stylist. If I come across any, I will let you all know.
  5. Hi CrashT1224, I am so sorry for taking so long to get back with you. Been really busy and I had surgery recently. I'm having my ceremony at St. James Parish Church in Mobay and my reception will be held at Endless Summer Villa in Mobay as well. Natalie from Caribbean Pantry charged me around $4000 for 70 people which included 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, 3 sides, a variety of desserts, tables, linen, chairs, plates, glasses, staff, unlimited food etc. I'm not having the typical Jamaican menu. We will be there for a week, so we will get the chance to eat that while we are there and I grew up on it (parents are Jamaican) so I wanted food with Jamaican flavor, but not necessarily, what you would get at a typical Jamaican wedding reception. But I believe their price list depends on the menu. You would have to contact Caribbean Pantry to get a quote for the types of food you want. Let me know if I can be of any help.
  6. Hi Catererbride! It's coming down to the wire til your wedding. 3 months! Very short period of time. Things are slowly coming together on my end. But I haven't ordered my dress yet!! I will hopefully place the order this weekend. I am getting my DJ through Natalie. I also booked a sax player for the ceremony and cocktail hour. I am waiting to see if the piano/keyboard player will accept my offer. The reception will be held at Endless Summer in Mobay. We are currently working on the budget for the lighting and other decor. I feel that I am in capable hands with Natalie and her decorator . But I'm still quite apprehensive. I would have loved to have booked a good jazz band instead of the DJ, but I could not find anyone who could provide video of their work. I also need to find a good hairstylist and make up artist. The thing that ticks me off the most is the astronomical prices the locals are charging for their services. But they know that tourists will pay. I won't. So I'm finding it a little difficult to get decent vendors unless my family members in Jamaica negotiate the prices and the vendors are under the assumption that its for a local wedding. They have saved me a lot of m aloney. I was born and raised in NY, so I don't speak patois like my parents. And therefore can't negotiate. We have 2 villas and rooms at a resort. We also have transportation for all the out of country guests for the 7nights. So we are planning a lot of activities for the week and ending everything on Sunday with brunch at a restaurant after church service Trying to have as much prepaid for guests as possible. Makes it easier for guests to enjoy their vacation. What are you actually looking for in your reception? Then maybe I can give you some ideas.
  7. You can get in contact with Candice Williams. Her email is candie.makeup@gmail.com. I've only heard good things about her.
  8. Hi Everyone! I am looking for a keyboard/piano player and or violinist for my December 2011 wedding in Montego Bay. If any of the other Jamaican brides out there know someone, please post!
  9. Hi Soon 2B Mrs. G, I'm having my wedding reception at the same villa in Mobay in December 2011. . I have 7 months to go. I am having the ceremony at St. James Parish Church. I have most of my vendors. The biggest issue for me was finding a wedding planner who would be able to work with my vision. But I think I have found her. She has been able to give a decent price on the food, drinks and other rentals. I also had family members assist with getting the entertainment, etc. I have a question... Do you plan to have a large party? Mine is between 60-70 guests. And it will be a pool reception. We are looking at building a dance floor over the pool to accommodate the guests. Its not enough room around the pool to navigate.
  10. Oh no! Natalie Chen is my wedding planner, not catererbride and she did not charge $200 a person! I think that's another Natalie. And I actually got her name from my villa rental specialist. LOL!! But thanks for the feedback! I appreciate your offering advice, cause I will definitely take you up on it! I am currently working on transportation for those who are staying at a resort. Do you know the name of a reputable transportation company in MoBay or the surrounding area?
  11. You are my twin! This is crazy! I am 95% sure that I am using Marcia Roberts too! Her prices compared to everyone else is very reasonable! I love my Jamaican people, but they tend to think that they can "get over", especially on non-Jamaicans. I am having relatives negotiate prices for me on my behalf in Jamaican dollars.Have you found another wedding planner yet? Who are you considering as your caterer now? Have you considered talking to a restaurants who caters? There are a couple that you may want to contact. I don't know their price range though. I look forward to hearing about how it all turns out!
  12. Your wedding sounds almost identical to mine! I am having 60 guests as well and about 30 from overseas and 30 local. I wish I could come out there a month a head of time, but my schedule won't allow it.My mom will probably be out there a few weeks ahead of time and I plan to be there a 2 weeks before the wedding (one week before the guests arrive). Currently working on choosing a photographer and videographer Keep me posted!
  13. That depends on how many nights. I'm renting 2 villas and my guests are paying about $700 per person for 7 nights. For those who are staying for 4 nights, they are staying at Hilton Rose Hall in MoBay. And with 2 people sharing a room it comes out to be about $600 a person, but its all inclusive. Average airfare is about $500. Hope this helps!
  14. Has anyone used or is currently using Caribbean Pantry in Runaway Bay as a caterer and/or planner? I'm having my wedding at a villa in MoBay and Natalie Chen has given me reasonable prices for the food, alcohol and equipment and event rental. But I have not been able to find reviews online from past clients. I have spoken with her on several occasions and like her. I just need some confirmation that she is the right one!
  15. Could you post some of the pics from the wedding? I would love to view them, especially the reception. I plan to have about 60 guests including my fiance and me and the pics would give me a view of the layout. I have viewed it via virtual tour, but its not the same as viewing pics of an actual reception at the venue.
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