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  1. Has anyone from the US done the legal ceremony? How difficult was it to get your documents all worked out? How long did it take and what was the process? I am getting married at ERC on 11-11-11 and am getting nervous and excited! Any info would be great!
  2. Hi bondgirl0072010 ,If you don't mind me asking what wedfing package did you do and how many guests did you have? All your info has been so helpful to read being that we are getting married here in exactly 4 months, 11-11-11. Thanks!
  3. What is your date in November 2011? We are getting married 11-11-11 and are getting so excited (and nervous)! Only 4 months to go!!
  4. If you could email me the PDF's you have that would be awesome. I have the current pricing sheets but would love to see thothers wiht the cakes and flowers and what not. My email is rpage06@yahoo.com! Thanks and congrats and HAVE FUN!!!
  5. is any one else getting married at Excellence Riviera Cancun in November 2011??
  6. Are any of you getting married soon at ERC or recently got married there? We are getting Married at ERC on 11-11-11 and looking for any insider advice!!
  7. So we have finally decided to just do invites with RSVP cards. the invites are on order and should be in in 2 weeks and we will send them out ASAP. What did everyone put as the RSVP date? How far in advance?
  8. Thanks! I guess I will just have to keep posting to get my numbers up! When r u getting marrried or did you get married?
  9. We didn't do the save the dates yet because we only decided on the wedding date and location in the past 3 weeks. At this point we are not sure whether to just do invites now nad no save the dates or what...I'm kinda leaning toward just the invites but I am still not sure what to do about repsponse cards and what kind of a RSVP date to put. We have a few close friends and family that have already booked so I just feel like the response cards are kinda silly. But I am open to anyones suggestions at this point : )
  10. How is everyone doing their invitations? Is everyone doing save the dates and invitations? What about response cards? I'm having trouble deciding what makes sense since we just decided to get married on 11-11-11 and its 8 months out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I really want to be able to open the pdf's but it keeps telling me I can't...any suggestions or can someone send it to me differently? Thanks ladies, I am getting married at ERC on 11-11-11 and want to check out some of that stuff!
  12. Has anyone been to the excellence, gotten married there or is getting married there? I just finalized all my plans for a 11-11-11 wedding there and am just wondering any tips or information!
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