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  1. Hi Saydi, Yes I am from NY and cannot wait to be in the warm sun! it has been a hell of a winter We leave in 2.5 weeks and we are super excited. We are having about 32 people at the wedding so we did decide to get the DJ. We do agree that it's a little steep, but we do not want to worry about keeping up with an ipod. We are getting married on May 7th so we are having a welcome dinner on May5th (Cinco De Mayo). the resort has a mexican fiesta that they do to celebrate and they are going to set up some tables for our guests. We thought it could be fun to celebrate the culture and didn't want to pay extra for anything. it just worked out this way and most of our guests will be arriving that day!
  2. Hi Sadyi, Congrats!! I did a site visit this past august and i was able to make a lot of decisions when i visited; there was however a different WC at the time. We do have a few more things we need to finalize before the wedding. Nayeli normally gets back to me no later then a week after i send an email. I know that she is super busy planning all these weddings so i understand if i dont' get a quick response. Our ceremony is going to be the beach at the gazebo, cocktail hour is on the pier and our reception is also on the beach as well. in regards to flowers, i've been working through that with Nayeli now. Do you have an idea of what you want for the wedding ceremony? I have some pictures from when we did the visit so let me know if you want me to send you some pictures. Just a note too: I was able to get a lot of ideas by looking at the del sol pictures on the forum. If you search them under the wiki tab you can look for weddings that have taken place there for some great ideas. This realy helped be see the resort and what there was to offer before doing the site visit. Hope this helps! Quote: Originally Posted by Saydi1014 Sheen, Have you had any luck getting in touch with the WC? My wedding is in 2 months and I don't have any of the details planned. Do you already have the receptions deails, flowers, etc booked? Or are you waiting until you arrive at the resort? Just curious! Thanks!
  3. Hi Aliole, Congratulations on your recent wedding. Your pictures are amazing. I am getting married in less them 25 days and I am now getting super excited. I loved your flowers and your set up on the pier for the ceremony. Where did you find your maraca's? I LOVE THEM And have been looking for the right ones forever. Did you bring these with you or buy these in Mexico? Sand Ceremony - Was this something you did through the hotel or did you also bring this with you?
  4. KRMiller, I would be stressed too. So does that mean that Juan Navaro is no longer the photographer starting 2011? Did Nayeli get back to you yet on who this will be? Even though we are not using the resort photog for our wedding, we were going to use them at another time during our trip since it's included in the package. We are still determining when, maybe our welcome dinner with our guests??
  5. I am getting married at the excellence riviera cancun on May 7th and the resort's in house DJ is DJ Mannia. However when i contacted DJ mannia we were advised to reach out to the hotel for the pricing and book directly through them. has anyone else come across this? Additionally, i have heard some mixed reviews with DJ Mannia; however it seems that there are many DJ's that work for this company. Can anyone pls share the names of the DJ's who you either loved or hated so that we can request a great DJ specifically? Thanks all for your help!
  6. Ramon was awesome. I'm ddefinitely feeling a lot more stressed out now with only 4 months to go because we had basically confirmed all the major details when we did our site visit in the summer. I have emailed her to understand if Ramon just left or was fired and what information she has and/or now needs again from me but I'm still waiting to hear back!
  7. So I just received an email from the new wedding coordinator at the excellence Nayeli. Was anyone else aware that Ramon is no longer there?
  8. When we visited ERC in August for our site visit we spoke to Ramon regarding multiple options for our guests dinner as he said normally they only offer 1. Everyone so far has said that they have had 2 options of dinner for our guests. Because we loved the lobster house so much when we visited, we requested Surf & Turf for one of our dinner options. In order to include the lobster tail, we would pay 10$per person for every person that ordered. I wonder if this is why i need to give numbers up front?? Anyway... i have reached out to Ramon to confirm again because i would prefer not to include the options on the RSVP card. krmiller, Ramon advised that they can do a buffet, however i think they only do this for groups larger then 50. It also depends on where you will be having your reception. I didn't get too much information on this but he did say it was possible. You may want to inquire with him again if this is something you are really interested in.
  9. I am a little less then 5 months away and I also feel like i have nothing really to do. All i have left is to send out my invites and find favors and stuff to include in our welcome bag. Currently i am trying to finalize the wedding dinner menu so that i can include 2 options for our guests with our invitations. Can any of the brides who have gotten married at ERC share your experience with the dinner menu for the reception? Are there any recommendations of anything that is really tasty and is a must have???
  10. The resort uses Juan Navarro and his company. You can check out his work at www.juanphotos.com I liked his work but we were looking for something a little different. We booked Lincoln from "Moments that Matter" photography www.momentsthatmatterphotography.com I loved their pictures and i can't wait for them to shoot our wedding.
  11. The area that you see in the picture is not really that private. When we were there they either had 3 - 4 small tables for 1-2 people or they set up 1 larger table for about 6-10 people. Not sure that you can get that many more people up there. This also overlooks the pool area and can be kind of loud during the day; not at night. The pool bar is placed directly underneath. Â
  12. There are 1 or 2 restaurants closed each night. Depending on the night of your wedding, will depend on what restaurants are open/closed. I have to say that if we were having an inside reception the Foyer would be my first choice. This is actually my back up plan if there is bad weather. It's really private becuase it's actually connected to the lobby, but it's hidden on the side that people barely even notice it. There are doors so it is blocked off and not open to the lobby area. It also overlooks the beach area/ocean which is beautifully lit up at night and you get the open area because it's in enclosed outside area. What i liked about the foyer is that you can really make it your own and set it up however you would like. There is also any an adjacent outside area that you can utilize as a sitting area for your guests and is also good area for cigar smoking for the men Â
  13. Hi Future Mrs. M I had also read a lot of reviews prior to my site visit that the beds were really hard. I have to say i was comfortable. I've always had a bed that was more firm so this did not bother me at all. The worst was probably the pillows; however with the 3 on the bed and the 2 extra in the closet it was easy to find one that was right for each me & my fiance. We didn't experience any power outages while we were there; then again there were no storms, not sure if this is normal or not. If you stay at the excellence for the honeymoon will be you staying in the excellence club? Â
  14. Congrats jenny! We just got back from our site visit and we loved it. Every time you turn around there is someone cleaning a fountain, trimming the flowers or washing the floors. They are very passionate and ensure that this place looks at its best. I didn't feel that this place needed to be refreshed at all; we've been to many new resorts in Mexico within 1 year of them opening and excellence didn't feel any different. I agree with Treebean that this resort has a rustic feeling compared to other resorts. My fiance and i really liked how you still felt like you were in Mexico while on the resort grounds whereas many of the other newer resorts are too modern and feel like you could be anywhere in the world. Hope that helps : ) Happy planning!!
  15. We just came back from our site visit and all i have to say is ERC is amazing. There is nothing else that you could want that ERC doesn't already have or that they won't go out of there way to get you. The staff is absolutely amazing and they wait on you hand and foot. You can literally stay in the same spot all day without getting up at all  The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the beach is gorgeous. Food is also amazing; we were there for a short 5 days and didn't get to try every restaurant; but we were impressed alone with the breakfast and lunch options. Most all inclusive resorts we have visited in the past only offer buffet options for lunch. Not ERC! There are several options for breakfast/lunch where you can actually order from a menu which was a nice surprise for us. We even had fresh sushi rolled on the beach for lunch; yum  We spent most of our time relaxing on the beach; where they bring you as many drinks and as much food as you want. I didn't see too many people take advantage of ordering food on the beach, i think this was because the food in the restaurants was so good and it was nice to relax in these open aired areas/restaurants. Note: It was over 96 every day that we were there; and it felt over 100 easily. Ramon was amazing. He pays so much attention to detail and really takes pride in what he does. I saw several weddings going on while we were there and even met some of the other brides. Everyone was so happy with the planning and/or how it all already turned out. We watched a small wedding on the pier and i was able to see the beach set up for another wedding that was going to occur the afternoon we were leaving. Pls PM if you would like to see pictures Ramon walked us through the entire resort and really helped my fiance and i envision what are available options are. We are going to be married at the beach gazebo which is located on the excellence club side. This is nice because there are less guests that are in this area and more private. We will then most likely be having our cocktail hour on the pier. Depending on how many guests actually share this weekend with us we will be having our reception on the beach or in the foyer. If you have 50 people or more you can have the reception on the beach. We think we will have around 40-60 so we will see what happens. The other option for a Saturday night reception is the Barcelona restaurant(Mediterranean). Fiance and i really want something more open air so we just didn't feel that this option was for us. The nights that each restaurant is closed can change at anytime; so there may be other options available when the time comes.  This place was so relaxing but at the same time if that's not what you are looking for there is so much to do. There are always people playing volleyball or hanging out by the swim up bar; but if you want to you can find a secluded area of the pool or relax on the beach all day. Whatever you want you get here! If you haven't already been there you future brides will love it.  BTW, The spa is amazing.....  Let me know if there are any questions and i will be happy to share
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