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  1. Originally Posted by EVKnowsitall Thanks! I'm going to try and buy them. I had a "veil" fitting scheduled for tomorrow but sadly- I have to host parent teacher conferences for my school so I had to reschedule- bummer. The salon where I bought my dress has veil trunk shows and you schedule your fitting during the trunk show so you can purchase your accessories while your dress is on. I won't be trying on my dress until December now ; *( but I would like to have these shoes by then. Worse case scenario- they clash and I don't wear them. Thanks for the feedback. I am not a shoe person AT ALL. I wear the most ugly orthopedic looking clunkers to work. But these have stolen my heart. ~You should private message the person selling the shoes and tell them you plan to buy the shoes but ask if you can negotiate a price or even quote them an offer. I have done that in the past and each time my offer has been accepted! Give it a try!! hope it works out!!
  2. I live on Eastern Long Island. Wow thank you for the advice, I am going to just pack a suitcase! ~Rose
  3. Hey Ladies, I am wondering if anyone on here has had anything shipped directly to the resort instead of carrying it on the plane? I spoke with Phoebe from Beaches Turks and she feels Customs might give me a problem if I have too many items...
  4. Nice!! I am considering doing some also. I have spoken with TI, so most def will be going with them!
  5. I decided on Beaches as well, my original date was March 27th, I booked a year in advance, however the Resort sold out. I had to switch dates because most of my family hadn't booked yet. I am now set for March 6, 2013. My original date was during a school break, so I guess that is why it sold out so fast. I am glad that I had to change because sounds like the resort will be packed that week. I was told the WHOLE resort is booked, including the Governors Suite.
  6. roxx0601


    Hey I am new to this forum. I am getting married on March.6, 2013, Beaches Turks & Caicos.
  7. I am also undecided on whether to use one of the Martha Stewart packages or just use the complimentary one and add upgrades.
  8. Hello all, I am getting married 3/6/13 Beaches Turks & Caicos...My TA said Rosary will be my WC, has anyone worked with her, if so is she helpful or can you recommend a WC?
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