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  1. For groom attire we ordered from www.studiosuits.com. We got the linen blend suit and linen shirt and they're awesome. Follow the instructions for measuring and the quality is really good for the price.
  2. If anyone is looking for SPF lipbalm, avon.ca is offering them for $1.99 buy one get one free, 99c each, and if you add THANKYOUCA you get a free gift. I just ordered a bunch as it's hard to find the SPF stuff, especially as I'm 3hrs away from shops...
  3. Just wondering if anyone has got married through La Barcaza on the beach. Flori e-mailed me and told me that the service is now performed on a beach in a national park and chairs are not allowed. I was wondering if anyone went with this option and if they have any photos of the set-up.
  4. Dreams have rescinded the fee for outside photographers (check out the statement on the Dreams PC FB page) so you won't have to pay for Michael to attend the resort.
  5. We're planning on having a cocktail hour as we want a longer reception and it's cheaper to do the cocktail hour than to pay for an hour at the end - makes no sense to me!
  6. You can still have the table service but they told me that with that many people the service can be slow. If you give me your e-mail I'll send you the buffet details.
  7. Just in case anyone else with a large group is going to Dreams Jennifer e-mailed me the pricelist for the buffet. The cost is between $45 to $69.30 per person depending on which package you want and how fancy you want the buffet to be. The $45 price is for a minimum of 40ppl and the higher end has to have a minimum of 50.
  8. I just sent an e-mail to the General Manager regarding the photographer situation, I had booked the hotel before the date but not the actual photographer. Hopefully if enough people e-mail their concerns then they will change their mind. If he still refuses to allow an outside photographer then we will get married on La Barcaza.
  9. The Dominican Embassy has more information on their website Here is a link http://www.drembassy.org/english/index-2.html You need to take originals with you and a single status affidavit completed for each of you. You can send copies to the embassy and they will notarize it but you need the originals for proof when you get married. Hope this helps
  10. Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen if there are any!) We just got our confirmation through for the 14th Feb 2012 - still waiting for a time as we want a legal ceremony. We were hoping to do la Barcaza for the reception but right now it looks as though we'll have more than 50 guests so no can do Is there anyone else on the forum getting married there that week?
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