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  1. I decided to go with Juan Navarro too! I'm getting married march 18, 2012 so I'll let you know how it goes! I have a friend who used him and she was thrilled!
  2. Congrats of being finished! Did she clarify which Deck you are on? I am finalizing things as well. I think I may go with an outside photog since no one has even contacted me from the one the hotel supplies. She quoted me for the centerpieces I want, 80 a piece, but I think Im gonna just do it myself. Hopefully not too much hastle. As for Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, that is awesome! Both great artists. I can not believe this is happening in a couple months!!! What are the cost of your lanterns? I found some for very cheap and want to compare.
  3. Yay! Can you post a pic to see what they look like in real life?? Quote: Originally Posted by Kmarch85 Just wanted to let you ladies know that I ordered the Sashes from BBCrafts.com and they came in today. FAST delivery. Also they are great quality for .70 a pc. I ordered the Navy Blue Satin Material.
  4. Thanks so much for posting this. I did not see it (there is so much to sift through on here). So it looks like kmarch and I will be having our wedding receptions very close to each other. I wonder how that will work with the sound systems??? Either way, this was a great resource, just shows how beautiful the resort actually is! Quote: Originally Posted by LindseyM Hi girls, If you check out my youtube channel BelCantoRagazza you will see my tour of Dreams. I posted it here before but maybe you missed it? You can see the pool terrace [patio?] and the pool deck in my videos. I'm not sure which ones are which but watching the entire tour is videos 1-11 and they are really worth watching!! It gets us so excited to check them out... here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/user/BelCantoRagazza?feature=mhee
  5. Yeah it's such an easy thing. I am having way less people and so may only have 4-5 tables. It is much easier to travel with branches for 4-5 tables then for ~8. $.70 it such a good price!!! And that sounds like a great plan- the circular mats for the tables. After talking to you about this all I am getting soooo excited. It never really seemed real before! We have a small but really fun group and I am sure we will all have a great time at the resort together . We arrive on the 15th and are also staying a week. I am totally ok with us getting the early appt times. I would make my MOH go first and then my sister and then me. There are two others and I am not sure if they are going to be utilizing the salon... I feel like I may end up doing my own makeup tho I am super specific when it comes to that so maybe it's for the best? Since you aren't doing a cocktail hour did you get to substitute a lot of things in its place? We are doing it at the jacuzzi. We were thinking about having the cigar roller but it may not be worth it. Have you inquired about fireworks? I'd be interested to see how much that would be?
  6. These bands are going to be at the hotel all weekend? Are they playing for your wedding? That is awesome. Yes I am confused about the reception site. I booked it with them last March. Are you sure the pool deck and patio deck are the same? There is a restuarant El Patio, I am wondering if that is what you mean? I also emailed Yamina. Interestingly someone emailed me the other day asking to confirm the locations and I was confused bc I had already confirmed this almost a year ago.... I have a similar vision for mine. Here is a photo of what I am trying to do. My colors are blues and corals. I found cheap submersible lights for inside the vases and also lanterns for about $4.99 each. If you could get me a better deal that would be greatly appreciated! I also found manzanita branches that I am going to attempt to spray pain and hang either crystals from (expensive) or tea lights like this pic. I haven't found the table cloths or bows yet. I am not sure what color to use for those. I am leaning towards coral bows and white table cloths with a blue runner of some sort? Not sure. How many girls do you have? I have 5. I am usually the designated makeup artist of the group but of course I won't be doing this on my wedding day so I understand why you wouldn't want to do everyone's hair haha. My best friend and MOH had her wedding a few years ago at Dreams Cancun and she had all the girls get hair and makeup done. There were two people there that day. It took until maybe 12 and we started early. We were also luckily the only wedding that day bc she has like 7 people. I am willing to start as early as poss.
  7. Hey! Thats awesome! So I guess I should have requested Anel since he is prob the best. So I guess I'm stuck with whomever is left...Which is who? lol I am so nervous about the pics. I wanted to get my own photog but its just so expensive and then to pay for their stay... I too am doing all the centerpieces and bows myself. I am buying the flowers for the bouquets from them. I sent her a pic of a bouquet I loved and she said she can do it, but it wont have peonies which would make the bouquet >$300. I am really nervous about the centerpieces because the ones I want to do are going to be so expensive to transport bc of the glass vases. I am trying to see if they can just supply the vases. We are getting married at 4:30 on the beach and our reception is the pool deck! Are you corresponding with Yamina? When do you guys arrive? What are you doing for hair and makeup?
  8. Hi all, My wedding is quickly approaching- March 18th 2012. I have been reading everyone's posts occasionally. I just had a few questions and would appreciate any feedback! 1. Has anyone used the DJ the hotel provides? We do not want to pay any more for outsiders to come in so we figured we would try our luck. I did email DJ Doremixx was told they do not come to this resort... Does anyone have any experience with the hotel dj? 2. Has anyone seen table centerpieces that are blue and coral? I am *attempting* to design it myself and bring with me. I have very expensive taste and everything I want to do just isn't feasible. For example, I wanted to buy real brain coral and use those but have found they are pretty costly themselves. I am thinking of buying manzanita branches and spray painting them coral but would like any input/ideas on how to set this up.... 3. I am trying to negotiate for more photographer time instead of color prints- has anyone been successful at getting most of the day covered? How much did you end up paying for the photog?
  9. I just sent my deposit for Dreams Riviera Cancun and although my FI has the prices they were not 400/room/night. I would shop around with TA's etc. If you want my TA I'd be glad to share her information! Although I have not been to Dreams Riviera, I have been to Dreams Cancun for my best friend's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and the food was great. This resort is much newer than Dreams Cancun and looks amazing!
  10. Have you guys had any luck? I just sent a deposit to Dreams Riviera Cancun and now I am trying to figure out the Rabbi situation. Contacted the Chabad Rabbi and he said he doesn't officiate destination weddings. Don't really want the expense of flying in someone. We may have a family friend do it, since theoretically in Judaism anyone with appropriate knowledge of a jewish ceremony may officiate, and since its only going to be a symbolic (get legally married here in the states) it doesn't really matter. I am a bit afraid it won't be as special as I have always imagined without a Rabbi...
  11. Hey Shay12, any luck with picking a place? I am still torn. I keep looking at all the reviews posted on here by brides and most of the places I liked based on their websites (like Moon Palace) look awfully drab in real life. My fiance likes Royal Playa del Carmen which looks nice. Well hope your hanging in there. I haven't made any progress!
  12. NOW Jade is up there on my list, saw a review and it looks spectacular. It's tough bc every resort I love I know will be too much for most of my guests
  13. I just got engaged a month ago and I am starting to look at sites in Riviera Maya to have a wedding in January 2012. I am currently in med school and have no time to plan and also a very slim window of opportunity to have a wedding. My best friend got married at Dreams Cancun and it was beautiful. She told me she got all her ideas on this site and that people were very helpful. Dreams Tulum is obv an idea but I'd like to see pics and hear from others who had had their weddings there. I want all inclusive and somewhere my guests can afford to stay that is very nice as well. Anyway, any suggestions, pictures and ideas would be more than helpful!
  14. Have you tried contacting the Chabad rabbi in cancun? My fiancé met him when he went to a destination wedding there.
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